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Excellent Quality. Creative Designs. Impeccable Craftsmanship.

Why YGM?

With almost two-decades of hands-on experience in manufacturing and supplying reflective tape and safety clothing.YGM is one of the reputed sellers around the world for reflective solutions.
But what sets up apart from competitors is our drive for innovation because we truly care about the safety of the workforce.

Superior Reflective Tape Safety Clothing Supplier

Our expertise in manufacturing and supplying reflective tape and safety clothing is constantly improving. With over 200 products in the reflective category produced on more than 40 production lines and eight facilities, we use cutting edge technology such as tracking raw materials to finished product with a QR code.

Ultimate Destination For Reflective Solution

Get comprehensive answers to all your reflective products manufacture requirements starting from sheeting to fabric, hi-gloss materials, tape, and much more set exactly according to your needs. Get customization at the tip of your fingers!

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Innovative Products

Striving every day to do better than yesterday, our staff is geared towards embracing new trends with intelligent creativity. In short, we’re always working on something special, something unique, and something extraordinary.

Experienced Staff

We didn’t come all the way to the top without hurdles, struggles, and challenges. In our 16 years of hard grafting in the reflective market, our staff is seasoned to bring you solutions no matter what your problems are. You’re in good hands with YGM because we really care about what we do.

Certificate Support

When you team up with YGM, you aren’t picking a random newbie or brand aimed at minting money. We already have several certifications to prove our efficacy such as EN20471, ANSI107, OEKO-TEX100, UL, ISO9001, ISO14001, and so on that undergo yearly updating without fail.

Committed To R&D

With over five patents under application, our expertly-skilled technicians work in three Research and Development departments around the clock to realize the most sophisticated products.

Customer Support at YGM Reflective
Service Centered

Your wish is our command. We earnestly listen to our clients because we want to realize your dreams, exactly as you want. Our customer service experts are exclusively trained to offer innovative solutions no matter what your concerns or needs are.

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Environmental and Social Responsibility

At YGM, nothing matters more than two things- people and the planet. We are already ahead of our peers when it comes to energy recycling and superlative waste management. That being said, our best proud feature is the eco-glue made to transform our products into responsible products for the habitat we reside in.

About Us

Began in 2005 by Chen Guoshun, YGM stands for the Chinese words 夜光明 (pronunciation: Yè-Guāng-Míng) meaning ‘bright night light’. It was founded specifically to help workers avoid fatal accidents while traversing or working at night. From our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to uber-secure warehouses, innovative R&D, and painstaking Quality Control processes, we excel at one thing: Making you bright no matter where you tread. Over time, YGM flourished into an all-in-one-shop manufacturing and supplying for reflective sheeting to tapes, fabric and safety clothing that serves the needs of construction firms, government, police, traffic, and even the fashion industry today. In the past 16 years, we’ve become a stellar manufacturer supplier of reflective tape and safety clothing for the whole world. Our customer reviews are out-of-the-world because we ensure superlative services. While our small story began from a small factory of two technicians, today we have several workshops and production lines capable of realizing all your customization dreams. Read more about the inception of YGM on the About Us page here.

Process: Dedication to Details

Attentive to your needs, all the way!

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Clients from diverse industries around the world pick YGM over our competitors because they don’t want to compromise on safety.

When you’re looking for a reflective tape and safety clothing manufacturer supplier, you need one who can provide the highest quality products in the least amount of lead time without compromising on your budget. We can meet your needs, thanks to our superlative quality control, exemplary certifications, and a huge capacity of meeting any demands without draining the bank.

Our advanced and automated production line has a yearly production rate of reflective film ranging over 7,200,000 square meters. That’s not all! We also produce 10,000,000 square meters of reflective cloth with a combined production line capacity of 6,000,000 sets of reflective clothing too.

With our decades of experience, we are well-furnished to accept several types of hassle-free payments too. You can pay us using PayPal, Western Union, L/C, O/A, D/A, D/P, or T/T.

You bet! From the dimensions of the reflective tape to its colors, reflectivity, adhesion, and everything in-between, you can customize it as per your demands.

Perhaps you’re concerned about ODM or OEM. Just start discussing it with a customer service representative and we’ll help you right out.

Every reflective product manufactured by YGM complies with European Standards, U.S Safety Regulations, and more because we’re a popular seller on all five continents besides 50 countries worldwide. Above all, our products are made to protect lives and we are dedicated to ensuring that to the dot.

So, you can have a long chat with our team directly to clear your doubts, if any about our strict and meticulous QC processes.

We want to ensure your business runs without delays because we are reliant on you. That’s why YGM exclusively provides lead time with date in our documented invoice when you’re billing in case you aren’t otherwise informed.

With over 16 years of catering to clients across the United States to London, Russia, Australia, South Africa, and most countries around the globe, our production department is star-rated for guaranteeing the production lead time and ensuring deliveries ahead of time in 90% of cases.

Definitely. Being the best in the reflective industry doesn’t come easy. We have dedicated design and sourcing teams experienced in taking up challenges and providing innovative solutions to customers just like you.

Just demand right now to see the magic weave!

We’re so glad you asked!

For generic and commonly-available products, we ensure a delivery window of three to five days. However, if you’re looking for personalized or customized products, a minimal window of five to seven days is offered.

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