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Reflective cloth is the core product of the issuer. The principle of the reflective cloth is to implant the reflective layer formed by glass bead structure on the surface of cloth base by special technology, so that the common cloth can form reflected light in the light source.

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Retro-reflective sheeting

Reflective film is a kind of reflective material, which is made of glass beads or micro prism structure, embedded in PVC, PU and other polymer materials

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Reflective Clothing

Reflective clothing refers to the clothing made of reflective materials. The traditional reflective clothing is mainly high visibility occupational protective clothing, which is used for the life safety protection of traffic police, sanitation workers and other outdoor duty personnel at night or in adverse weather

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Reflective products

Reflective products are other reflective products which are processed with reflective cloth or reflective film as raw materials. They have the characteristics of nonstandard, diversity and flexibility. Some types of reflective products have functional independence, and can be used alone as products with complete functions; some reflective products are accessories or parts of other products, and are ultimately used in the production of products such as clothing, shoes and hats

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