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structure of reflective tape for clothing

Reflective Tape For Clothing

When you need reflective tape for clothing in wholesale, trustworthy suppliers like YGM can help you source the best quality products in a number of colors such as silver, gray, yellow, green, orange, red, rainbow, fluorescent, and much more. The best thing is you can do is select from different categories based on the reflectivity, luminescence, and customization features of the tapes.
There are two different reflective tapes for clothing available today. One is a fabric item called reflective tape made from backing fabrics like polyester, TC, cotton, aramid, and so on while the other is a reflective heat transfer vinyl (HTV) with the backing made of PES or TPU materials.
For safety and fashion both, our reflective tape for clothing can open up many innovative avenues.

Reflective Tape For Clothing Feature

app Iron On Reflective

A: Reflectivity - 5

The reflectivity quotient of sew-on and HTV tapes differ based on your choice. It typically ranges from 10 to 500 cd/lx/m² and all the way up to 8000 Mcd/lx/m² (luminescent products).

C: Washability - 5

Depending on the reflective tape for clothing of your choice, the washing performance and requirements also change. However, for all the products, pre-soaking and bleaching aren’t permitted. Some products may require ISO 6330 ( home washing between 40℃ to 60℃ or 90℃), ISO 15797 ( industrial washing at 75℃), or ISO 3175 (recommending dry cleaning). Make sure you follow manufacturer’s instruction to the dot.

E: Customizability - 5

Whether you want to add reflective tape on fashion, work, or safety apparel, it’s easy to customize by dimensions, aperture, pattern, design, and more. You can cut most tapes using a knife or a laser cutting machine today on your own. If you have any specific needs, don’t hesitate to inform our customer service teams about the same and we’ll help you out.

B: Color - 4

The quality of the reflective fabric changes based on size, production specifics, and color. For instance, the reflectivity quotient is 400 to 500 cd/lx/m² for silver flame retardant material, 350 to 400 cd/lx/m² for Yellow-Silver-Yellow and Red-Silver-Red, and 20 to 80 cd/lx/m² for fluorescent yellow and red colors.

D: Flame Retardancy - 3

Not every reflective fabric resists fire hazards. If you need such a tape, go for the specific flame retardant reflective tape in colors- Yellow-Silver-Yellow, Red-Silver-Red, Fluorescent (yellow or red), and Silver with reflectivity ranging from 20 to 500 cd/lx/m².

F: Applicability - 5

From sportswear to fashion clothing, there are many uses of reflective tape nowadays. You can add it to pants, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, dresses, leggings, jackets, blazers, vests, and even hats, bags, or footwear too.

Why choose YGM Reflective Tape For Clothing ?

Reflective Tape For Clothing Category

When it comes to wholesale reflective tape for clothing, there are a handful of varieties you can select from. Take a look at the names, characteristics, and traits of these tapes below.

1. Silver Reflective Tape For Clothing

1. Silver Reflective Tape For Clothing

● Reflectivity: Range of 400 to 500 cd/lx/m²
● Customizability: You can customize the size of silver reflective tape for clothing according to your needs.
● Certificate: This product is certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ENISO20471, and ANSI107.
Constructed in the silver color, this fabric reflective tape usually appears on high-vis workwear clothing like safety vests, overalls, jackets, shirts, and pants. When it comes to the material used, the silver reflective tape is made either using 100% polyester or TC (Tetron Cotton is a mix of cotton and polyester).

2. High Reflective Tape For Clothing

2. High Reflective Tape For Clothing

● Reflectivity: Between 260 to 400 cd/lx/m²
● Customizability: It’s easy to customize the size of high reflective tape for clothing based on your requirements.
● Certificate: This type of reflective tape for clothing comes with certifications such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ENISO20471, and ANSI107.
Set in the grey color, high reflective tape for application on clothing is common to garments with common washable safety protection garments. While it has a lower reflectivity rate than the silver color, this type of tape comes with the backing fabric made from 100% polyester or TC (Tetron Cotton).

3. Ordinary Reflective Tape For Clothing

3. Ordinary Reflective Tape For Clothing

● Reflectivity: From 10 to 30 cd/lx/m²
● Customizability: You can personalize the size and color of ordinary reflective tape for clothing according to your demands.
● Certificate: This fabric doesn’t have any universal certificates or washing requirements.
Found in several colors, but mostly in grey, ordinary reflective fabric tape for clothing isn’t as versatile as the aforementioned varieties. However, it’s widely used in typical clothes and garments for everyday use. Our ordinary reflective tape for clothing is made using a polyester or TC (Tetron Cotton) backing fabric.

4. Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

4. Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

● Reflectivity: Varying between 300 to 400cd/lx/m²
● Customizability: You can request custom size of reflective heat transfer vinyl fabric as per needs.
● Certificate: Reflective HTV comes with certifications such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100, EN ISO20471, and ANSI107.
Available in a variety of solid colors such as Silver or Grey and mix of shades like Yellow-Silver-Yellow as well as Red-Silver-Red, reflective HTV is a unique fabric with distinct uses. Here, the backing fabric is made from Polyester (PES) or Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). Former is perfect for woven and cotton fabrics while the latter favors PU leather and PVC materials. Such a tape is easy to cut via laser or knife to create graphic products such as signboards or logos on clothes apart from accessories like shoes, bags, etcetera.

5. Colors High Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

5. Colors High Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

● Reflectivity: There are two types of colorful high reflective HTV available with most manfuacturers.
○ High Reflective Colorful Series ranges between 60 to 80cd/lx/m².
○ Ordinary Colorful Series varies between 10 to 20cd/lx/m².
● Customizability: Interested people can customize the color and size of the reflective HTV as per choice.
● Certificates: Products come with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Washing standards suggest the cool setting.
Available in several colors, buyers can select any shade of their choice in Colors High Reflective HTV. This type of reflective tape material has a backing fabric of PES or TPU just like Reflective HTV. Such a material should be cut into preferable sizes using a laser or knife.

6. Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

6. Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

● Reflectivity: Scope of 40 to 60cd/lx/m²
● Customizability: The logo can be customized.
● Certificates: Washing performance certifications of ISO 6330 in hand wash, dry wash, and machine wash.
Available in the rainbow hue with backing fabrics made of polyester and thermoplastic polyurethane, the rainbow reflective HTV works just like all the other heat transfer vinyl films on cotton, PVC, PU, polyester cotton, nylon, welding blankets, and more.

7. Segmented Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

7. Segmented Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

●Reflectivity: Offering 300cd/lx/m² on the dot
●Customizability: Interested buyers can choose to customize the shape of the segments as they want.
●Certificates: Certifications like Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and ENISO20471 available. Washing standards suggest follow manufacturer’s instruction.
If you’re interested in making use of the segmented reflective heat transfer vinyl, you can choose from colors like Silver and Grey besides a mix of Yellow-Silver-Yellow and Red-Silver-Red. Just like all the other reflective tapes aforementioned, the backing fabric is chosen from TPU or PES owing to being designed for hot weather.

8. Flame Retardant Reflective Tape

8. Flame Retardant Reflective Tape

● Reflectivity: You’ll find three basic types of flame retardant reflective tapes.
○Yellow-Silver-Yellow or Red-Silver-Red: From 350 to 400 cd/lx/m²
○Fluorescent Yellow or Fluorescent Red: From 20 to 80cd/lx/m²
○Silver: From 400 to 500 cd/lx/m²
●Customizability: You can customize the size of the tape as per your wish.
●Certificates: YGM offers flame retardant reflective tapes with certifications such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100, EN ISO 20471, ANSI 107, UL, NFPA 2112, EN 469, and EN 533.
Available in a range of colors from silver-yellow-silver to red-silver-red, fluorescent colors (yellow and red), you can use the flame retardant tape on most surfaces. You can choose from 100% aramid or cotton backing fabrics with ideal flame retardancy plus heat resistance. Whether you’re picking it for fire protection in work settings or electric systems, this tape is a surefire way for protection.

9. Elastic Reflective Tape

9. Elastic Reflective Tape

●Reflectivity: You can choose between two ranges based on the tape color as you see below.
○Silver: Vary from 400 to 500 cd/lx/m².
○Other colors: Vary from 20 to 80 cd/lx/m².
●Customizability: The size and color can be customized. And we have two series of single-sided reflective and double-sided reflective.
●Certificates: Pick from Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ENISO20471, or ANSI107.
When you’re sure about elastic reflective tape for your product, choose from a wide range of colors or silver. YGM manufactures elastic reflective tape with the backing fabric made of 15% spandex and 85% polyester. It has an above-average stretchability ideal for elastic and safety-protection fabrics.

10. Sew On Reflective Tape For Clothing

10. Sew On Reflective Tape For Clothing

● Reflectivity: Above 250cd/lx/m²
● Customizability: The size is customizable for both woven tape and reflective tape.
● Certificates: This tape doesn’t have unique washing needs.
Sew on reflective tape is an exceptional material for safety workwear. Available in three fluorescent colors of yellow, orange, and green, this type of reflective tape is a woven tape where the reflective surface is sewn on so that you can stitch it your choice of clothing.

11. Reflective Webbing Tape

11. Reflective Webbing Tape

● Reflectivity: Greater than 250 cd/lx/m²
● Customizability: Interested people can personalize the size of reflective webbing tape for both the varieties reflective vinyl and woven tape.
● Certificates: No specific washing instructions.
Order reflective webbing tape in wholesale from fluorescent colors such as orange, green, and yellow. This reflective tape is a woven tape with reflective vinyl heat transfer.

12. Sew On Reflective Tape For Clothing

12. Sew On Reflective Tape For Clothing

●Reflectivity: Above 250 cd/lx/m²
●Customizability: You can customize both the varieties of oxford tape and reflective tape.
●Certificates: No particular washing needs.
This reflective oxford fabric is available in fluorescent colors such as orange, green, and yellow, this reflective tape is sewn onto the fabric of your choice. It’s a versatile tape that lasts a long time without damage.

13. Oxford reflective tape

13. Oxford reflective tape

●Reflectivity: Greater than 250 cd/lx/m²
●Customizability: You can pick your custom size from both oxford and reflective tapes.
●Certificates: The oxford reflective tape doesn’t have unique washing needs.
Available in the fluorescent colors of orange, yellow, and green, the oxford reflective tape in wholesale works with reflective heat transfer vinyl. You can sew this tape on clothing.

14. Perforated reflective tape

14. Perforated reflective tape

● Reflectivity: Reflects at 350 cd/lx/m²
● Customizability: You can pick your own aperture and we’ll personalize the tape for you.
● Certificates: With Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and ENISO20471, this reflective tape for clothing is certified.
Ranging in colors such as silver, grey, yellow-silver-yellow, or red-silver-red, the perforated variety of reflective tapes are good breathability. The best thing is it can bring down skin burns during accidents. On top of it, such a tape is light-weight and breathable. You can get it in ordinary reflective and heat transfer varieties.

15. PVC Reflective Tape

15. PVC Reflective Tape

● Reflectivity: Ranging from 100 to 250 cd/lx/m².
● Customizability: You can pick PVC reflective tape in any preferred size or color on top of customizing the pattern on it by choice.
● Certificates: There are no specific certifications.
Available in several colors like white, red, and yellow, PVC reflective tape is a high-quality reflective material that is waterproof and dustproof too. On top of it, this reflective product boasts a high reflectivity besides being durable. It doesn’t get damaged from frequent washing or extreme weather. It’s best for stitching on high-vis clothing, especially for outdoor workwear such as life vests, jackets, overalls, pants, and blazers, as well as accessories like shoes and bags.

16. Reflective Thread

16. Reflective Thread

● Reflectivity: Greater than 350 cd/lx/m²
● Customizability: Customers can personalize the size they want as per choice.
● Certificates: YGM produces this reflective fabric with certificates such as Oeko Tex Standard 100.
Available in colors such as grey and silver, reflective thread is best to mix with yarns to add reflectivity to apparel, shoes, bags, hats, etcetera. It’s made with the backing fabric of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) film. Depending on your needs, today you can get the one-sided or two-sided reflective thread from YGM.

17. Reflective Piping

17. Reflective Piping

● Reflectivity: Greater than or equal to 300 cd/lx/m².
● Customizability: Buying in wholesale gives the advantage of personalizing the fabric size, material such as cotton core or mesh as well as the color.
● Certificates: Reflective piping material comes with Oeko Tex Standard 100.
You can buy the reflective piping in colors ranging from silver to grey and any other shade of your choice from manufacturers like YGM directly. It’s made with backing fabric of 100% polyester, TC or a mix (85% polyester and 15% spandex). You can sew this product onto dresses, pants, shorts, jackets, bags, shoes, caps, belts and more.

18. Luminous Reflective Tape For Clothing

18. Luminous Reflective Tape For Clothing

● Reflectivity: When it comes to the luminous intensity, luminous reflective tap rakes up to 8000 Mcd/m².
● Customizability: You can customize the size of the tape when placing the order.
● Certificates: There are no specific certifications.
Ranging from fluorescent yellow to several other hues, you can choose a luminescent tape of your preference in this category. This reflective tape is excellent for illuminating a number of areas and for mirror luminescence on fabrics.

Reflective Tape For Clothing:The Complete Buying Guide

Learn the ABC of reflective tape for clothing in wholesale using the Frequently Asked Questions below. 

Table of Contents

What is reflective tape for clothing and how does it work?

As you’ve read above, there are 18 different types of reflective tapes available today. Reflective tapes are built using the principle of retroreflection. Being built with tiny glass beads, light is reflected back to where it comes from via glass beads on the surface of reflective tape that collects it. Take a look at the picture below to grasp this better.

principle of reflective tape for clothing
YGM Reflective Logo

What types of reflective tape for clothing does YGM offer?

At YGM, you can select from a wide variety of wholesale reflective tape for clothing. Here are the major types:

  • Silver or high reflective tape for clothing
  • Reflective heat transfer vinyl
  • Rainbow reflective HTV
  • Flame retardant reflective tape
  • Sew-on reflective tape for clothing

There are many other varieties like Oxford reflective tape, Perforated reflective tape, PVC reflective tape, Elastic reflective tape, and Segmented reflective heat transfer vinyl to pick from.

Reflective HTV (16)

What are Common Applications for Reflective HTV?

Just like any other technology used for reflective material, YGM uses glass beads with high refractive indices to create the base of the reflective tape. It’s then coated by the aluminum reflector that’s further shielded by the industrial adhesive agent. Lastly, the backing fabric is added to complete the setup.

When the incident light falls on the glass beads, it refracts the same to the light source.

structure of reflective tape for clothing

What are the uses of reflective tape for clothing?

There are many uses of reflective tape for clothing. You can apply it using a hot press or the sew-on technique for upgrading many things. From coats to blazers, jackets, vests, overalls, and workwear clothing, there are many ways to increase the visibility of the wearer using reflective tapes.

types of reflective tape for clothing

Why do you need reflective tape for clothing?

When you’re looking for a reflective tape supplier from China, you need to make sure your goals are clear. Here are the many benefits you will gain from doing so:

  • Durable

One of the chief qualities of reflective fabric is that it’s resistant to damages borne from industrial washing. Your clients or employees can use it for a long time until the tape finally perishes. Some reflective tape products are even waterproof and dustproof, besides being resistant to hot and cold weather too.

  • Easy-to-use

Unlike most fabric, it’s easy to process reflective fabric industrially when you’re buying from a reflective tape manufacturer. You can use a knife or laser cutting machine to create specific designs too. For sew-on varieties, it’s better to use the tailoring scissors as it’s even easier.

  • Fashionable

From designing fashionable dresses for workwear to trendy trousers, tops, jumpsuits, overalls, etcetera for safety, there are many ways to use reflective tape for clothing as it’s available in a number of colors nowadays.

  • Versatile

From the smoothness to seamlessness, it’s a versatile material that can be used on clothes and accessories to add your brand values like logo, motto, symbol, and more.

Does YGM Manufacture reflective tape for clothing? Can I order reflective tape from YGM?

Yes, YGM is a reputed reflective tape manufacturer with a history of catering clients from all over the world for over 16 years. You can order ordinary reflective tape, heat transfer vinyl reflective tape and numerous other reflective products in most colors.

What is the size of YGM reflective tape for clothing?

When you’re ordering reflective tape for clothing from China manufacturer, it’s important to have a clear idea about the tape size.

The regular width of the reflective tapes used for sew-on application varies from 1 cm to 1.5 cm, 2.5 cm, 5 cm, and other custom sizes as per requirements. The total width of the tape is typically 140 cm. In case you’re looking for the reflective HTV tape, the width ranges from 50 cm to 1 meter.

Can I order a custom-size of reflective tape for clothing? Are the specifications customizable too?

At YGM, we give you the opportunity to specify your own sizes as we’re not just a wholesale reflective tape factory in China. Any size, pattern, or even aperture of your choice can be discussed with our engineers to ensure you get exactly what you want without compromises. 

How long does it take for YGM to produce and deliver my order of reflective tape for clothing?

Depending on your choices, our lead time and delivery time also varies. That being said, YGM typically offers a delivery time of 25 to 35 days to buyers around most parts of the globe. We can discuss it further if you want a quicker lead time as our factory capacity is humungous. In any case, you’ll receive a finite lead time once you confirm the order.

Does YGM offer free samples for reflective tape for clothing?

If you’re interested in any of our reflective tapes, try it right away without paying using our free samples. You don’t need to pay the price of the item except for the shipping charges. The best thing is we will further deduce the shipping charges from the order amount if you finally shop for reflective tape with YGM.

Are YGM products always available and in-stock? Do I need to pre-order and await new stock for months after ordering?

Based on the product and its dimensions, you’ll find that YGM has the capacity to keep most products in stock. In case you have a custom item, we still offer a quick lead time of 25 to 35 days.

We suggest you talk with our customer service team ASAP to get a clearer idea of the lead time besides the availability of products of your choice.

What are the chief quality control measures and standards used by YGM when it comes to reflective tape for clothing?

YGM is proud to announce that quality is at the core of our production facility.

Here are the top things to assess the QC measures of our reflective tape factory:

  • Reflectivity: As one reflective tape has a different reflectivity quotient than the next one, it’s crucial you analyze the specs thoroughly. Our professional QC testing equipment like Inverse Reflection Coefficient measuring apparatus ensures ideal quotients.
Reflectivity test of reflective tape for clothing
  • Washing performance: All our reflective tapes are tested using commercial washing standards. Each product comes with washing standards including ISO 6330 (recommending homewashing between 40℃ to 60℃ or 90℃), ISO 15797 (recommending industrial washing at 75℃), and ISO 3175 (recommending dry cleaning).
Washing test of reflective tape for clothing
  • Glass beads: You can check the authenticity of the reflective tape for clothing by rubbing your hands on the fabric slowly to realize the glass beads.
  • Surface: Buyers can also zoom in to check for blemishes like patches, spots, scratches, and other damages with the free sample before finalizing the order.
  • Flame retardant: When it comes to the fire resistant reflective tape, you need to make a note of the flame resistance before using it in vulnerable situations.
Flame retardant test of reflective tape for clothing

How are reflective tape for clothing tested and how do you check its quality?

There are several ways to test reflective tape once you get it from the manufacturer in bulk. Take a look at the four points below to get acquainted:

  • Inspecting The Quality Of Silver/high Reflective Tape
    • Reflectivity: Ascertained using instruments like inverse reflection coefficient measuring devices.
    • Washing performance: YGM professionally tests each of our products as per ISO 6330 ( refers tohome washing at temperatures such as 40℃, 60℃ or 90℃), ISO 15797( refers to industrial washing at 75℃), and ISO 3175 (refers to dry cleaning) by its specifications.
    • Glass beads test: You can check the fabric for glass beads using your bare hands to observe it after rubbing .
    • Surface: Take a closer look at the surface of the reflective tape for flaws such as black spots, defects, and scratches.
  • Quality Inspection Of Ordinary Reflective Tape For Clothing

In this type of tape, the same standards of reflectivity, washing performance, glass beads test, and surface test is carried out as part of the quality testing.

  • Quality Inspection Of Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Akin to the above, reflectivity, washing performance, and surface is tested in the same way here too. However, when it comes to the release force, it’s different. Release force is the force between the surface layer and the protective layer. This force escapes at varied angles from 900 to 1800. Such a test is completed in the factory using a tensile testing machine.

  • Quality Inspection Of Flame Retardant Reflective Tape

Apart from reflectivity, washing performance, glass beads, and surface tests, this type of tape also entails the flame retardant performance where it’s assessed against live fire too.

How do you use reflective tape on clothes?

There are two ways to apply reflective tape on clothing:

  • Hot press: You can use a hot iron press to transfer the reflective material to the material of choice by sticking to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Sew on: For sew-on tapes in the reflective category, you need to stitch the safety fabric onto the clothing as per requirements.

What are the backing fabrics used on reflective tape for clothing?

Depending on the type of reflective tape for clothing that you use, the backing fabric will also differ. It can range from PET film to polyester, aramid, spandex, cotton, and tetron cotton.

Backing Fabric of reflective tape for clothing

How long will reflective tape hold up on clothing?

Unlike casual wear pants, shirts, or tees, reflective tape typically resists weather, dust, water, and similar natural threats. On top of it, the tape will hold up without damage depending on how well you apply the tape. It’s actually designed to last more than the t-shirts if you avoid scrubbing and scouring the reflective polymer harshly during any type of washing.

What are the popular applications and uses of reflective tape today? Where can I use it?

Reflective tapes for clothing are trendy, dynamic, and versatile.

You can use it for a number of things as shown below:

  • Workwear: Add reflective tape to the employee dress code.
  • Children’s safety: Integrate it as part of children’s uniform for added safety on the road.
  • Reflective seams: The applications of reflective piping blends fashion and comfort with safety.
  • Vacation wear: When you’re traversing a foreign place, especially in low visibility, reflective fabric can help you keep safe.
  • Adventure clothing: Whether you’re a cyclist or a marathoner, reflective fabric is excellent for helping others on the road locate you to avoid accidents.
  • Life jackets: There are reflective tapes that are visible on low-vis areas like darkness, water, etcetera that can be used for life jackets.
  • Patchwork fashion: When you’re adding contrast colors for dresses and other clothing, reflective threads, sew-on tape, luminescent tape, and so on can take it to a whole new level.
  • Sportswear: For integrating the safety from reflective fabric, add it on jerseys, shorts, and other sportswear clothing.
  • Craftwork: If your target clients are DIY lovers, or you have a large craft-based-community, reflective tape is best for upgrading shirts, tees, pillows, flags, and much more. For some reflective tape materials, all you need is a hot iron.
  • Fashion clothing: You can use luminescent or rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl for adding glitz and glamor to your ordinary clothes and take them up a notch or two.
  • Home decor: Add reflective tape to interior designing items like blankets, pillows, sofa, couches, outdoor upholstery, and more.

What are the main differences between reflective sheeting and reflective tape for clothing?

When it comes to the reflective material, there are many options to choose from today in wholesale. So let’s find out the two core things that separate reflective sheeting from reflective tapes.

  • Backing fabric: Reflective sheetingis composed of two types of backing fabric called PET or Acrylic. However, such a tape is manufactured with backing fabric such as polyester, tetron cotton, pure cotton, PES, TPU, pure aramid, mix of polyester and spandex.
  • Application: While reflective sheeting is a self-adhesive used for advertising (signboards, traffic signals, etcetera), reflective tape can be used by sewing-on safety clothing or by transferring the reflective portion using heat vinyl transfer.
different of reflective tape for clothing

What are the different certification standards when it comes to reflective tape for clothing? How are they updated?

Certifications ensure that the chosen product meets the required safety and regulation standards so that it can deliver optimum usability as well as protection. At YGM, our regulations necessitate us to renew the certificate religiously without fail.

Here’s a list of certificate available with the reflective products from YGM:

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100: This is the certification required for the safety of humans and the ecosystem when sourcing clothes, fabrics, and leather during the production stages and ready-made items.
  • EN ISO 20471: An international standard, EN ISO 20471 requires the reflective material to be placed on stipulated areas to avoid blind angles and to ensure high-visibility from all sides. It’s divided into three categories called Class 1 (reflectivity: 0.10 m2), Class 2 (0.13 m2), and Class 3 (0.20 m2).
  • ANSI 107: Created by American National Standards Institute, this is a certification categorized into three classes such as Type O (off-road), Type P (safety work), and Type R (traffic control).
  • UL: (FR reflective tape): Among the many companies that are permitted to conduct safety testing by OSHA, UL makes use of approved labs with national recognition for the same.
certifications of reflective tape for clothing

How do you differentiate reflective HTV from reflective tape for sewing?

There are two main distinguishing facts when it comes to reflective tapes and heat transfer vinyl materials.

Take a look at it below:

  • Backing fabric: This is the last layer of the fabric that exists behind the glass beads, aluminum coating, and adhesive layer. While reflective HTV has backing fabrics like PES and TPU, reflective tape may be made from 100% polyester, tetron cotton, aramid, or a mix of polyester and spandex.
  • Uses: While you can cut reflective heat transfer vinyl fabric into logo sizes using a laser cutting machine (plotter) or a simple knife to hot press, reflective tape is typically sewn onto the material of choice.
sew on and reflective tape for clothing

What is the reflectivity quotient of reflective tape for clothing?

Based on the type of reflective tape you’re choosing, the reflectivity also varies. Hence you need to take the reflectivity into account per product. Here’s a rough list to refer from for reflective tape for clothing.

  • Silver: 400 to 500 cd/lx/m²
  • High: 260 to 400 cd/lx/m²
  • Ordinary: 10 to 30 cd/lx/m²
  • ReflectiveHTV: 300 to 400 cd/lx/m²
  • Colors High Reflective HTV: 60 to 80 cd/lx/m²
  • Rainbow Reflective HTV: 40 to 60 cd/lx/m²
  • Segmented HTV: 300 cd/lx/m²
  • Flame Retardant:Silver (400 to 500 cd/lx/m²), Yellow-Silver-Yellow (350 to 400 cd/lx/m²), Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Red (20 to 80 cd/lx/m²)
  • Elastic: Silver (400 to 500 cd/lx/m²) and Color (20 to 80 cd/lx/m²)
  • Sew-on: Greater than 250 cd/lx/m²
  • Reflective webbing: Above 250 cd/lx/m²
  • Oxford: Above 250 cd/lx/m²
  • Perforated: 350 cd/lx/m²
  • PVC: 100 to 250 cd/lx/m²
  • Thread: Higher than 350 cd/lx/m²
  • Piping: 300 cd/lx/m²
  • Luminous: Up to8000 Mcd/m²

How do I ensure the reflective tape for clothing remains at its best quality?

To make sure your reflective tape on clothing remains in its best quality, it’s ideal if you follow the washing requirements as advised by the manufacturer. In short, you shouldn’t pre-soak, bleach, tumble dry on low. Stick to the washing temperatures and your reflective tape will remain intact for a long time

What type of packaging options do you offer at YGM for reflective tape for clothing?

YGM packs both reflective fabric and reflective HTV in different ways.

● Reflective fabric tape: We pack the tape in stacked rolls within a plastic cover and insert it within a sturdy corrugated box as you can see below. 

packing of reflective tape for clothing
  • Reflective HTV: The heat transfer vinyl material is packed slightly different. Each roll is packed individually inside corrugated boxes with fillers to avoid rash movement and dents during shipping as the following shows.
packing of reflective tape for clothing 2

What is the total production capacity of YGM for reflective tape for clothing?

When you’re thinking of ordering reflective tape from any manufacturer, the first thing to keep in mind is their capacity, followed by the lead time. As you already know the lead time of YGM, you’ll be surprised to know we can produce 5 million square meter of reflective tape for clothing every month.

So order away!


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