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Sew On Reflective Tape For Clothing

It can be said as a reflective tape for clothing. A type of tape that you can sew on the safety clothing. There are different types of tapes that are used for different purposes. For suppose silver, elastic, flame retardant that depends on your needs where you want to use it.

Sew On Reflective Tape Feature

reflective tape for clothing priciple


The reflectivity is different for different series. And it depends on the color. For suppose the silver tape reflectivity is the highest of all, up to 500cd/lx/m². The color combinations such as yellow/silver/yellow and other varieties such as red/silver/red have the lower reflectivity.


The washing requirements are different for different products; this washability depends on the product you are using. There are usually several washing methods, but three are very common, such as home washing, dry cleaning, and industrial washing.


The tape is available in every size for each series. So you may get it in any kind. Also, you can get the customized color, also the way you want it. It is appropriate for using or sewing on clothing with high visibility, and you can use it on caps, gloves and bags, and sportswear.


Well, this tape has various colors such as yellow, red, silver, grey, silver. You just must select one of your choices.

D:Flame retardancy-3

Only flame-retardant tape is flame retarded, as it will not cause any kind of fire as expected by any other kind. This flame retardancy can be seen in a few colors. Just like the color yellow-silver-yellow, and red-silver-red these two combinations.


There are various applications when it comes to SEW ON reflective tape. If you work at night or travel on foot at night,reflective tape can be of great help. It is also suitable for sports gloves, bags, safety clothing, hats etc. These sew-on tapes are visible from all angles, so you can safely and quickly see in a dangerous situation.

Why choose YGM Sew On Reflective Tape?

Sew On Reflective Tape Category

1. Silver Sew On Reflective Tape

Silver Sew On Reflective Tape

This is in silver color, typically used in special work-related wear. This backing fabric is 100% polyester or T/C.
●It has a reflectivity as 400-500cd/lx/m².
●The size is highly customizable.
●It has certifications of Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ENISO20471, ANSI107.
●This is grey, used for garments that are very much washable—and used for safety protection.

2. High Reflective Sew On Reflective Tape

High sew on reflective tape

It usually is grey, primarily used for common washable safety protection garments. The fabric used at the backing is pure polyester or maybe T/C.
The reflectivity: the reflectivity it offers may not be very high, and it is between 260-400cd/lx/m².
Customization: You have the freedom to choose your type. What you want and how you want to get your choice is what we call customization.
Certification: Well, this brand is highly certified, which is the original certification called Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ENISO20471, ANSI107.
Customizability: The size can be customized according to your fashion needs.

3. Ordinary Sew On Reflective Tape

Ordinary sew on reflective tape

●It is made up of grey or maybe any other color.
●It is used in the garment with very few requirements.
●The fabric used for backing is 100% polyester or T/C.
●The reflectivity is between 10-30cd/lx/m². ●The size is customizable.
Customizability: The size can be customized, which is highly dependent on your choice. Your needs are how much you want it.

4. Flame Retardant Sew On Reflective Tape

Flame retardant reflective tape

●The colors it comes in are silver, yellow/silver/yellow, red/silver/red, fluo yellow, fluo red.
●The material used for backing is an aramid and cotton.
●It has high flame retardancy, and it is highly heat resistant.
●It is used for particular fields such as electrical systems and fire protection.
●The coolers' reflectivity changes, such as the silver have higher between 400-500cd/lx/m² and some other color combinations like yellow/silver/yellow, red/silver/red have 350-400cd/lx/m², and fluo yellow, fluo red have between 20-80cd/lx/m².

5. Elastic Sew On Reflective Tape

Elasticreflective tape

Customizability: The size and colour can be customized. And we have two series of single-sided reflective and double-sided reflective.
Colors: It gives you broad flexibility in colors as it comes in two types of colors: silver and the second is any other kind of color.
Composition: The material used for backing has this combination, like spandex 15% and polyester 85%.
Applications: Well, it has a wide range of applications. That is why it is very much suitable for protective garments like elastic and fabric.
Reflectivity: It has reflectivity for silver 400-500cd/lx/m², for other colors 20-80cd/lx/m².

6. Sew On Reflective Tape For Clothing

Sew-on reflective webbing tape

●There are three colors it usually comes in are fluo yellow, green, and orange.
●It is woven tape with reflective tape sewn on.
●It does not have any washing requirements.
●It has a reflectivity greater than 250cd/lx/m².
●It is highly customized for both woven tape and reflective tape.

7. Reflective Webbing Sew On Reflective Tape

Flame retardant reflective tape

●The colours it comes in are fluo yellow, green, and orange.
●No washing requirements.
●It is a woven tape with reflective vinyl hot press on.
●The reflectivity is greater than 250cd/lx/m².
●It is highly customized for woven tape and reflective vinyl types.

8. Sew On Reflective Tape For Clothing

Sew-on reflective webbing on oxford

●It comes in fluo yellow, green and orange.
●It is oxford tape with reflective tape sewn on.
●It also has no washing performance requirements.
●The reflectivity it has is greater than 250cd/lx/m².
●It is very much customized for oxford tape and reflective tape.

9. Oxford Sew On Reflective Tape

Iron-on reflective webbing on oxford

●It comes in colors like fluo yellow, green, orange.
●It does not require washing performance.
●It is an oxford tape with reflective vinyl hot press on.
●The reflectivity is greater than 250cd/lx/m².
●The size is very much customizable for both types of tapes, like oxford tape and reflective tape.

10. Perforated Sew On Reflective Tape

Perforated sew on reflective tape

The perforated sew on reflective tape is yet another kind of tape used to sew on clothes and other things. It is light-weight and breathable, mostly used in hot conditions.
Colour: The colors it comes in are grey, silver, and a combination of yellow/silver/yellow, red/silver/red.
It is also available for various perforation types such as silver/high/flame retardant reflective tapes and other like elastic reflective tapes.
Customization: The aperture is customized according to your needs; you must pay your needs. Like what way you want it to be. Get the size and custom of your choice and play the cards as required.

11. PVC Reflective Sew On Reflective Tape

PVC sew on reflective tape

Colors: The colors it comes in are three red, white, and yellow.
It is very much resistant; the durability is very much efficient. It can be used for washing and other changing weathers.
It is waterproof and dustproof. It has a high reflectivity.
Applications: The applications are various and dependent on multiple things. For example, it can be used to sew on high-visibility clothes like life jackets, bags, and outdoor clothing. To be recognized by the police. Or in other emergency cases.
Reflectivity: It has a reflectivity which is between 100-250cd/lx/m².
Customization: Very much customized, also it is available in different sizes. You can get all the colors of your choice. The pattern is also customized and you may get it according to your fashion needs.

12. Sew On Reflective Tape Thread

Reflective thread

●It does not come in a variety of colors; you can only get it in two colors: grey or silver.
●The backing material is purely made up of PET films; not any other kind is used while composing the backing material.
●It has two types of series; one is a single-sided reflective series. In comparison, the other one is double-sided reflective.
●Many times, we find it hard to blend several materials. But not anymore as it can easily integrate into other materials. Not only this but because of this property, you can use it to add the reflection properties to any other item of your choice for making it look fascinating and fashionable.
●The size is very much customized, which means you can get it in any other form and sizes.

13. Sew On Reflective Tape Piping

Reflective piping

●It comes in three colors: silver, grey or any color.
●Composition of backing material: the backing material is composed of three to four substances like / 100% polyester, T/C or 85% polyester+15% spandex.
●Composition: It is made up of grey/silver/colorful reflective fabric, cotton core and mesh fabric.
●Application: It can be used for so many different sewing products such as for the seams and used on outdoor bags, shoes, umbrellas and safety belts. All such products are formed from it.
●Customization: It is very much customizable, and its sizes vary like reflective fabrics, cotton core, mesh fabric, and the colors of reflective fabrics can be customized.

14. Luminous Sew On Reflective Tape

Luminous reflective tape

●The flexibility in it is very much like you can get in yellow. Also, you may get any other type of color, for instance, yellow, in contrast with different colors.
●It can be used to meet the different needs of so many other properties like dull polish, mirror luminescent and FR, etc.
●The luminous intensity is very much, just like it has a greater intensity of up to 8000Mcd/m².

Sew On Reflective Tape:The Complete Guide

Explain the sew on reflective tape and its working principle?

The reflective fabric is produced because of retroreflection. The sew on reflective tape contains the glass beads that are used for collecting light. Once they collect the light, they focus it and then bounce back to the respective source. The working principle of sew is defined as, first the sew on reflective tape is normally cut into different sizes. And the strips are later sewed into various things, just like your vests, bags, and other lifesaving jackets. The material helps you to be found at night under any emergency and in lifesaving missions.

principle of Sew On Reflective Tape
YGM Reflective Logo

How does the sew on reflective tape form?

Enlist all the sews on reflective tape offered by YGM.

  • The high reflective tape is used for clothing.
  • The reflective tape is used for retarding flame.
  • The reflective tape for clothing.
  • Reflective webbing tape.
  • Reflective piping.

What is the basic know-how a customer should have before ordering sew on reflective fabric tape?
Define all the important things one must keep in mind?

Before buying any type of product, you should know about certain things such as one must know all the specifications, the performance it offers, like how long it runs, what things you should consider before buying it and all of that. Also, size, color, and other several features.

What are the different materials used by YGM for creating sew on reflective fabric tape?

The sew on reflective fabric tape is composed of tiny glass beads about fifty thousand per square inch. As we know, this material is retroreflective, which means it reflects the light to the source. For suppose when the light from the car’s headlights falls on it. It reflects it.

structure of Sew On Reflective Tape

Can I order customizable tapes; can we get customizable specifications?

Yes, getting customizable tapes is very much possible; you can get tape in any size and shape. Well, it depends on your choice. Getting customized tapes is dependent on the will of customers.

How long would it take to produce and deliver the order of sew on reflective tape?

Producing customizable tapes is not easy, it is a process that takes days. So, it usually takes between 25 to 35 days to deliver. But when it ordered, you may count from that day. In other words, it is decided by the date of order.

How would you choose your tape?

This question will make you think a hundred times how you would know the suitable tape for you and how you make it last. It depends on the right side of applications. How you are applying it.

The YGM offers any free samples for sew on reflective tape?

yes, you may get the free samples of sew on reflective fabric tape, but their freights are always noted. Once you will place the order. The freight all the samples will be deducted from your order.

All the products are already available and in stock? Or we have a pre-order and wait for months?

  • For some regular products, we usually keep stock, and you can ask our salesmen if the products have stock before you place an order.
  • We will produce to order for custom products, and our usual delivery time is 25-35 days.

Enlist all the quality measures, standards that YGM normally uses for sew on reflective fabric tape?

The reflectivity requirements are different for different series types. Normally the reflectivity is tested by some professional types of equipment such as inverse reflection and other coefficient measuring instruments.

Test Of Sew On Reflective Tape

What is the reflectivity quotient of sew on reflective tape?

The reflectivity will also vary depending on the type of sew on reflective tape you choose.Therefore, you need to consider the reflectivity of each product.

  • Silver Reflective Fabric Tape: 400 to 500 cd/lx/m²
  • High Reflective Fabric Tape: 260 to 400 cd/lx/m²
  • Ordinary Reflective Fabric Tape: 10 to 30 cd/lx/m²
  • Flame Retardant Reflective Tape: Silver (400 to 500 cd/lx/m²), Yellow-Silver-Yellow (350 to 400 cd/lx/m²), Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Red (20 to 80 cd/lx/m²)
  • Elastic Reflective Tape: Silver (400 to 500 cd/lx/m²) and Color (20 to 80 cd/lx/m²)
  • Sew On Reflective Fabric Tape: Greater than 250 cd/lx/m²
  • Reflective webbing: Above 250 cd/lx/m²
  • Oxford Reflective Tape: Above 250 cd/lx/m²
  • Perforated Reflective Tape: 350 cd/lx/m²
  • PVC Reflective Tape: 100 to 250 cd/lx/m²
  • Thread Reflective Tape: Higher than 350 cd/lx/m²
  • Piping Reflective Tape: 300 cd/lx/m²
  • Luminous Tape: Up to 8000 Mcd/m²sew on reflective patches

How do I ensure the sew on reflective tape remains at its best quality?

Keeping a substance at its best quality requires following a few significant precautions. Some of them are a few and need to be kept in good quality. A few of them should be saved in a reasonable washing requirement. Avoid bleaching on the material, always keep it in a tumble dry, and avoid pre soaking it.

What type of packaging options do you offer at YGM for sew on reflective fabric tape?

The packaging should be efficient and well protected. The material inside the package should not get harm. That is the last-minute thing one must consider in a container.

Most of the sew on reflective tape for clothing are cut into 50mm tapes, then wrapped in a plastic bag, and finally fixed in a strong carton.

Packing Of Sew On Reflective Tape

Do you keep stock of the sew on reflective fabric tape?

Indeed, we keep stock for all the reflective tape; we keep the stock for all kinds of regular reflective tape. After placing an order, the item will be sent out to you. Always feel free to contact me.

What can be said as the leading time for sew on reflective fabric tape?

Yes, we keep the required stock for the usages immediately. And for the non-stock products, the leading time can be said as around 25 to 35 days. It depends on the product and the amount you have ordered.

Can you claim that your sew on reflective patches is poisonous metal-free?

Yes, we have reports that will prove that our sew on reflective fabric tape is free from all kinds of poisonous metals. Health safety is our primary concern and our tapes are manufactured very carefully considering general use and safety.

What if we need the different kinds of sew on reflective tape sizes?

The total width of the reflective tape would be around 140cm. But we do provide free cuttings, according to the requirements and needs of customers.

 The most commonly used size is 38mm 50mm sew on reflective tape。

What kind of certificates do you have?

The sew on reflective tape have been certified as SATRA, CAL COAST, TUV, SGS to meet the requirements of Oeko-Tex Standard 100, EN ISO 20471, ANSI 107:2015, EN 469, UL, NFPA 2112, etc.

Certifications Of Sew On Reflective Tape

Is it possible to print out the logo of any company on sew on reflective patches?

Well, most of the tapes have the customized printing surfaces, also the sew on sew on reflective patches can be used for printing logos for any company.

The sew on reflective tape is washable or not?

Yes, the sew on reflective tape is very much washable. The washing cycle may vary from five to more than 100 times to meet customers’ needs and requirements. The sew on reflective fabric tape can be washed, especially with industrial washing and dry cleaning.

How can you define the washing cycle?

After washing it for a certain period and specific washing cycles. According to the washing standards (ISO 6330 for home wash, ISO 3175 for dry cleaning, and ISO 15797 for industrial wash).

How can you test the sew on reflective fabric tape, and how would you check the quality?

he inspection of high and silver sew on reflective tape for clothing as example:

  • Reflectivity: the reflectivity is highly tested by professional equipment like inverse reflection coefficient measuring instruments.
  • Washing it: the washing testing is done by the washing machine, that washing is done and tested by various washing standards. The home washing is done on40℃, 60℃ or 90℃, whereas the industrial washing was performed on 75℃. Also, dry cleaning is performed.
  • Glass beads: for the glass bead, you must rub the piece with your hands and then observe.
  • Exterior surface: for better performance, observe the surface for various kinds of spots.
  • Quality inspection of differentordinary sew on reflective tape for clothing
  • The glass beads.
  • Reflectivity
  • The outer surface.
  • The inspection of quality on flame retardant sew on reflective tape
  • The performance of its washing.
  • The glass beads.
  • The reflectivity.
  • The outer surface.
  • The performance of retardant.

How can you ensure the appropriate quality of the sew on reflective tape and its certainty?

While evaluating the performance or the quality of the sew on reflective tape, you must analyze the surface. This surface should be flexible, smooth, and flat. This means it does not have any cracks, abrasions, or creases. Also, it should bend very easily. Before using it, you must compare it with any other type of tape for clothing or the backpack.

What must you keep in mind while ordering the sew on reflective tape?

What are the various applications of the reflective sew on tape, and define their uses as well in today’s age? How to use it and where one can use it in today’s age.

  • For the work uniforms
  • For the uniforms of kids
  • For different seams for reflective piping and the thread.
  • For fun games clothing like bike racing and stunts.
  • For vacations wear clothing.
  • For the life jackets.
  • For the uses of caps, gloves, and bags.
  • For the patch working dresses.
  • For the athletes wear.
  • For using home decoration like blankets, sofas, and pillows.

What is the difference between sew on reflective tape and reflective sheeting?

Well, certainly, there are so many differences between the sew on reflective tape and reflective sheeting. But one prime difference that you must notice is the backing.

We use different types of backing; one prime difference is defined below.

  • The different types of backing

The reflective sheeting mostly have two types. One is PET or maybe the acrylic type. Usually, the sew-on these reflective tapes used for clothing are made of purely 100% polyester and purely 100% cotton, the aramid, and 85% polyester+15% spandex, etc.

  • The different usesreflective tape

Reflective sheeting is widely used for advertising signs and the traffic signs, and work sign zones—the self-adhesive. The sew  is usually sewn onto the safety clothing.

Types Of Sew On Reflective Tape

Name the different certificate standards which are used for sew on reflective tape and how would they be updated?

The certification it has is Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ENISO20471, ANSI107, UL for FR sew on reflective tape also these certifications can be renewed regularly.

Certifications logo Of Sew On Reflective Tape

The difference between reflective HTV and sew on reflective tape?

  • The difference in the back:the Reflective HTV is made of the TPU and PES; also, the sew on reflective tape is pure polyester (100%), and the T/C, the cotton is also refined. The amid and the 85% polyester+15% spandex, etc.
  • Different usage: Reflective HTV can be cut into various logos with a knife or a laser plotter, then hot press on the clothes. Sew on reflective tape is usually sewn onto safety clothing.
Use Of Sew On Reflective Tape

What is the total production capacity of YGM for sew on reflective tape?

The reflective capacity of these YGM for the sew on reflective tape may vary with each size and design such as the estimated monthly SQM would be around 5 million.

Different uses of SEW ON reflective tape.

When talking about sew on reflective tape,by now it would have been clear well where to use it and how to use it, right?  But its job is not to fade anytime soon, and in case if it does, the purpose of it is lost.

In this section, we will explore various uses of sew on reflective tape, all the types of benefits either heard or seen about it which these sew on tapes offer. This list will primarily focus on the most common uses of this tape like in-clothing, bags, etc.

Following are some of the uses of sew on reflective tape.

  1. Use on clothing

Suppose you are one of them who wants to increase their visibility at night workouts. Or maybe if you are working in such areas having colossal traffic. Using a little sew on reflective tape can help you a lot with so many things.

But these tapes are not designed for that use. So, we will suggest you buy the clothes with the already sewed tapes. In this way, it will be more flexible and helpful for you to do that. And a better option for you to carry it out.

  1. The children’s bags

In winters, many times during school timing, You must sew a few reflective tapes. This won’t take a lot of time. This way, you can sew a few tapes on your kid’s bags. It will increase the visibility of cars and vehicles.

  1. For boats and ships

The sew on reflective tape can not be directly sewn on to boats and ships, but with the external aid, this can be made possible. You can simply sew the tape on a piece of clothing and can simply tie it at the back or front of your boat. This can be of great help because if there is some reflective tape on your boat, an aerial search will easily find your boat. This is a good kind of step for your rafts and small vessels. Small boats are usually not identifiable by radar by large ships because they are mainly constructed of non-metallic materials and also because their size is small. In poor weather conditions, they are often not visible because of mist. When they are in the hollow of a blade and even in good visibility, the fact that they are very low on the horizon makes them difficult to see from the bridge of a large ship. At night, their navigation lights may well go unnoticed because of shore lights in the background. It is important that small boats use radar reflectors to signal their presence to other vessels in the area, especially in poor visibility. This is why sew on reflective tape or any tape for that matter can improve your visibility.

How to test sew on reflective tape?

When testing the tape, you might feel a challenge, so for that, you will choose a tape for your customers.

Before applying a tape, its testing is vital, and everyone must do it. Any kind of material before application needed to be tested through various methods. Call it testing before application or maybe testing after application. Believe me, and it makes a massive change in your way of designing and looking at things again. And another reason why the testing is so necessary is that because you want your tape to be perfect and free from all other kinds of flaws. So, in this case, we have different methods of testing a tape. I would like to appreciate the one we have here.

Now there can be two ways to do it. One is testing it in real life, and the other is testing it in the lab. Now you must do it both. The one test that matters a lot is the testing of the real world.

How to apply sew on reflective tape?

As already defined things, for example, the  sew on reflective tape is considered flame resistant. It is designed for high visibility regions people, for example, those working in dangerous environments. Also, this one is quite well certified and holds certificates such as EN469 and ENISO20471, UL. Also, it can be washed up to 25 cycles around the temperature of 60-degree centigrade. You may sew it on many kinds of safety clothing, such as for vests, shirts, jackets, uniforms, workwear, etc.

Applications Of Sew On Reflective Tape

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