Celebrating the Launch of YGM's Production Operation Center – Now and Into the Future

In the digital age, businesses are relying more and more on technology to streamline their operations. From automation to data analysis, businesses are discovering new ways to work smarter, not harder. YGM, a leader in the reflective material industry, has recently taken a giant leap forward in this direction with the construction of its new Production Operation Center.

Celebrating the Launch of YGM's Production Operation Center 1

The Center serves as the nerve center for YGM’s production process, providing real-time data monitoring and analysis. The critical functions that the Center provides are data anomaly monitoring and analysis. This means that workshop planners can quickly see the information and abnormal information of the work under their jurisdiction through the display screen. This feature has proved to be convenient for taking measures in real-time and adjusting the follow-up work arrangement.

The display screen of the Production Operation Center is divided into 16 distinct modules, each providing essential information for the workshop planners. The modules include Sales orders, which give an overview of current daily/weekly/monthly/yearly sales amounts and upcoming orders for delivery. Stereoscopic warehouse category classification provides all the details of the goods in stock. The cutting plan implementation module gives real-time updates of the ongoing cutting work; the machine operation module tracks the work in process in the reflective sheeting and reflective fabric tape workshop. The Center also provides modules that monitor records of workshop problems – this is valuable data for continuous improvement.

Other modules like Stereoscopic warehouse in and out, Daily completion and warehousing details, Order delivery warning, Inventory details over six months, and Production quality control consolidate all other data, enabling better assessment and comprehensive analysis.

Celebrating the Launch of YGM's Production Operation Center 2

The Center is built with the latest technology, making the data monitoring process highly streamlined and user-friendly. Moreover, the ease of access to critical data makes it convenient for the workshop planners to assess the situational analysis and have a comprehensive picture of the production process.

Celebrating the Launch of YGM's Production Operation Center 3

YGM’s new Production Operation Center is a revolutionary step that brings its production process to a new level. The Center’s capabilities of monitoring and analyzing data in real-time, tracking inventory, ensuring the timely delivery of orders, and improving overall productivity are unmatched. It’s a promise of higher production standards and a more efficient way of producing goods. YGM’s customers can anticipate a notable difference in their reflective products’ quality and delivery. In today’s highly competitive market, technology is the key to staying ahead, and YGM’s Production Operation Center provides that competitive edge.

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