YGM 2023 Annual Business Conference

On January 31st—February 1st, YGM 2023 Annual Business Conference was held in the Carnival Hall of Tiantai Hotel in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. Chairman Chen Guoshun, General Manager Wang Zengyou and the company’s management cadres attended the meeting.

At the beginning of the conference, all participants sang the song of YGM. Afterwards, Chairman Chen Guoshun delivered an opening speech on behalf of the Board of Directors. He pointed out that: looking back at 2022, against the backdrop of recurring epidemics, the company had basically completed the milestones set for 2022 by working together as one and united.

What’s more, it was worth celebrating that YGM Reflective successfully completed IPO on 27 October 2022 with the joint efforts of all staff. Immediately afterwards, he set strategic goals for the company’s operations in 2023 and was confident that with the full cooperation of all departments, the company’s development would reach new heights and create even greater glory!

Afterwards, Mr. Wang Zengyou, General Manager of the Company, released the Company’s 2023 Annual Business Plan. He pointed out that in 2022, the company’s development was challenged by many uncertainties: an overall decline in external demand, a decrease in procurement volume, fluctuations in the US dollar exchange rate, the rampant epidemic, etc.

However, in the face of difficulties and challenges, under the company’s strict strategic deployment, all the staff of the company have excelled and worked hard, making it possible for us to basically complete the milestones for the year 2022. Together with Chairman Chen, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the management team for their hard work and efforts, also gave full recognition to the work achievements made.

It was an extremely extraordinary year in 2022, the company successfully completed IPO, becoming the 69th listed company in Taizhou. On the new development platform, we should concentrate our efforts, cooperate fully, do our best for the development of the company, and make the YGM family warmer. At the same time, there are still some problems in the company’s operation, and he hoped that in the new year, all departments could actively solve problems and work together to promote the benign development of the company, so that the company’s performance could get a qualitative leap.

Figure1 YGM2023 annual business conference

Then, general manager Wang showed the outlook for 2023, he said, under the Internet society is full of many uncertainties, but we should find the cycle, see the trend from the cycle, and then see the program from the trend, to find the opportunity from the uncertainties, to transform crises into opportunities. At the same time, general manager Wang stated that digital technology should be implemented into production and management, so as to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of problem solving, strengthen the ability of risk prevention, and in the production process, while ensuring production safety, the quality of products should be stabilized.

In terms of teamwork, general manager Wang expressed that we should pay attention to the improvement of team ability, cultivated excellent team personnel, improved and perfected the team management system, and enhanced the ability to solve problems and work efficiency in the management of the team. He said only by properly and efficiently solving team problems can we effectively enhance the company’s ability to resist risks and adapt to the market. In this way can we improve the company’s market competitiveness. General manager Wang planned to construct seven centers including accounting center, marketing center, material operation center and etc in 2023, and allocated every department reasonably to each center according to its work focus, so as to achieve the purpose of clarifying the work objectives and key work arrangements of each center. Meanwhile, in terms of product competitiveness, general manager Wang announced that company should especially attach importance to technological innovation and strategic innovation and persist in the research and application of new production technology, operating procedures, methods and etc all along, so that we could effectively improve the company’s production technology level, product quality and production efficiency. In terms of product sales, he said that we should keep up with the trend nowadays and try to use diversify marketing channels and promotion methods to create greater demand to increase sales.

After then, the principals of each department summarized their work in 2022 and successively released their business plans to determine the goals and focus of work in 2023. After the report of all departments, general manager Wang stressed that the work and planning of all departments of the company needed the active cooperation of all department principals to gather a strong cohesion to help the company achieve more excellent results in the New Year.

Figure2 YGM2023 annual business conference

Finally, chairman Chen affirmed the performance of each department in 2022 and stressed that in the New Year the management team should strengthen the team building of each department and create higher value through the team. Chairman Chen stressed that the New Year is a year of opening to the epidemic and will rise to more and greater challenges. He hoped that all departments would strengthen sincere cooperation within and among departments to strive for a higher and further prospect for the company and themselves.

At 2:00 PM on 1st, after the annual business conference, the company organized the management team to go to the Tiantai Guoqing Temple for a group photo.

Figur3 YGM 2023 annual business conference

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