Warmly congratulate YGM Lean Program Kickoff Meeting was a great success!

At 9:30 on October 14, 2023, the YGM Lean Project Launch Conference was grandly held in the conference room on the first floor of the office building.The chairman, general manager, deputy general manager and relevant important personnel of YGM, as well as Mr. He Bangtong, chairman of Habot Enterprise Management, Mr. Yang Zhixian, and Mr. Jiang Hui attended this meeting.

Warmly congratulate YGM Lean Program Kickoff Meeting was a great success

First of all, executive teacher Yang Zhixian (Harbot project manager) served as the keynote speaker of this meeting, explaining the theme of this project. The focus of this project is mainly on improving the quality of reflective fabric in the pre-process. The environment of the reflective fabric/aluminized workshop; the quality of high reflective heat transfer vinyl products;With the effective use of resources and the joint efforts of both parties, we hope to achieve the following goals for the implemented areas:

  1. The defective rate will be reduced by 30%;
  2. Customer complaints will be reduced by 30%;
  3. Work in progress and inventory dropped by 30%.

By achieving the above tangible goals and achieving intangible effects, we can cultivate talents who master lean functions for enterprises, build a “clean and orderly” production site, and visually present the focus and status of on-site management.In order to better promote the improvement project, the company has set up a lean project team to better serve the project.

After the applause, Mr. He Bangtong, Chairman of Habot Enterprise Management, delivered a speech, which mainly contained three levels of guiding ideology:

The necessity of YGM to implement lean production
  1. Lean production is an advanced production management model that modern management companies must learn and practice. It is also currently being implemented by many manufacturing companies. It can bring effective improvements to the operations of enterprises such as QCDSM;
  2. YGM is a listed company and needs to improve its corporate image from aspects such as product quality and manufacturing environment.
  3. Through lean production practices, more management talents can be cultivated who can discover, analyze and solve problems.
The benefits of Lean at all levels
  1. Breakthroughs in corporate performance from senior executives
  2. Middle management becomes simple and efficient
  3. Employees’ jobs become easier and wages are higher
About the role of Teacher Harbot
  1. Become a qualified YGM employee
  2. Become an excellent consultant teacher
  3. Consultants who work hard to achieve the goals of the agreement
Mobilization speeches from senior leaders

General Manager Wang Zengyou said: The industry environment has entered an era of “involution”. Customers are increasingly demanding quality, and at the same time they are also increasingly demanding the cost and price of products. We are facing great pressure. Under such     great competition pressure in the industry, it is very likely that only a few leading companies will be left in the end. We must clearly understand the current situation and take this lean  improvement activity as an opportunity to continue to learn and improve, thereby improving the company’s QCD level.

Finally, he expressed three expectations for lean implementation:

  1. Learning-oriented, everyone must humbly learn lean improvement knowledge from teachers;
  2. Through lean activities to find management talents for our bright future;
  3. The understanding of lean is not to ask the teacher to improve, but to learn the teacher’s ideas and improve the practice ourselves. Lean improvement is implemented with us as the main body and the teacher as the assistant.
Warmly congratulate YGM Lean Program Kickoff Meeting was a great success 2

Then Chairman Chen Guoshun made a speech. He proposed that lean improvement activities should be combined with job performance. All personnel must have a unified mind and work together to fully support the practice of lean improvement.

Warmly congratulate YGM Lean Program Kickoff Meeting was a great success 3

At the end of the kick-off meeting, all personnel stood up and took an oath, expressing their determination and confidence in carrying out this lean management project. The oath has been taken and the mission will be achieved. We are full of fighting spirit, we overcome all difficulties, we move forward courageously, and we have a firm belief in reform.

Today, we set sail here. We believe that under the careful guidance of the lean project management team and the joint efforts of all YGM employees, the lean management project will surely achieve the expected results and continue to deepen, and the company’s various management levels will surely take a new step forward and YGM will be fully developed into a  new lean and intelligent factory.

Warmly congratulate YGM Lean Program Kickoff Meeting was a great success 4

—— Eva


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