Lean Is Enterprise Innovation, And Lean Management Is the Booster of Enterprise

On November 7, 2023, from 16:00 to 17:00 in the afternoon, a weekly lean office meeting was held in the conference room on the first floor of the YGM office. Deputy General Manager Wang Zhongzhong, Habot Consulting Teachers Yang Zhixian, Jiang Hui and the special improvement team Members participated in this meeting.

Lean is enterprise innovation, and lean management is the booster of enterprise

At the meeting, Zhang Bangchao, leader of the high reflective plant bead research team, reported on last week’s work. The failure rate of high reflective plant bead had been around 7.5% before September. We set the target value for the defect rate in early October. It was below 5%. After a month of continuous improvement, the plant defect rate in October was 1.31%. The goal was achieved and the results were significant. In order to reduce the defective rate of highlighted plants and improve product quality, the following work was mainly carried out last week

  1. Query the barcode on the MES system to ensure that the glue is forced to stay for 72 hours to fully eliminate bubbles
  2. Improve the storage management of glue, mark and line the storage locations, and put a label on the ton barrel after the glue is stored.
  3. Conduct on-site practical training on the inspection standards and operations of glue entering and exiting the warehouse. After the training is completed, on-site assessment will be conducted to ensure that the employees’ operations meet the standard requirements;
  4. In order to ensure the consistency of the incoming materials, the supplier is required to make a note of “left and right” on the code list and product packaging, and then confirm whether there is still a unilateral elasticity during production;
  5. In order to reduce the probability of equipment failure and maintain stable equipment performance, the quality of the aluminum plating workshop has been improved
  6. On-site training was conducted on operating standards such as micro-concave roller cleaning, post-drying oven, air suction box, micro-bead inspection, and glue inspection, and later training and learning was conducted in the form of pictures, texts and videos.
  7. Conduct inspection training for machine employees. After the training is completed, conduct on-site operation assessment directly to ensure that employees have learned how to use it.

Then, the leader of the heat transfer vinyl water-based bead-removing research team reported on last week’s work. Two goals were set for the fourth phase of the project. Goal 1: Complete an improved experimental trial. Goal 2: Improve the water-washability of heat transfer vinyl; improve the bonding performance of glue by looking for new curing agents and resins. After small trials of heat transfer vinyl products, the current experimental results are good. The plan for the next fifth phase is to implement pilot trials based on small trials and test the effects of the new formula.Let us wish the fifth phase of the experiment a success!

The fabric workshop and aluminum plating workshop have rationally planned and rectified the placement of items on the production site, which improved the utilization of workshop space and made it easier for employees to identify, pick up and put back tools;In order to prevent employees from leaving personal belongings at will and causing safety problems, after discussion, it was decided to add lockers in the workshop to uniformly manage employees’ personal belongings;After long-term use, the workshop machines have accumulated dust and oil stains, resulting in unclear markings on the equipment dashboard. After a series of cleaning and repairs, we can more intuitively check whether the equipment is abnormal.We firmly believe that a small step to improve the workshop environment will be a big step to improve product quality.

Lean is enterprise innovation, and lean management is the booster of enterprise 3

After the meeting, Vice President Wang Zhongdong put forward several requirements for the next work: 1. The functional departments will supervise the improved compliance. 2. The problem of workshop employees leaving their posts without authorization during work needs to be solved urgently, and the appointment of posts and staff cannot be delayed; 3. For The 9000-meter plant quality accident requires a quality analysis meeting. 4. The work responsibilities of each team leader and the morning meeting of the workshop must be implemented as soon as possible. Finally, General Manager Wang Zengyou fully affirmed the results achieved by lean management and expressed his gratitude to consultant Habot for his efforts! At the same time, it was pointed out that lean management is the cornerstone of improving the company’s management capabilities and ensuring the company’s sustainable and healthy development, requiring all departments and workshops of the company to continue to promote lean projects in a standardized manner, and analyzed the situation of lean work in the next step, emphasizing the arduousness of further promoting lean work. , clarified the direction of future lean work, and put forward requirements for in-depth study and understanding of lean thinking, customer service laxity and fear of difficulties, continued strengthening of organizational guarantees, playing a leading role, highlighting problem orientation, and unswervingly promoting lean management.

Lean is enterprise innovation, and lean management is the booster of enterprise 4

The purpose of implementing lean management is to make the company’s products more refined, its brand more famous, and the company more competitive and more reputable. Lean is management innovation. The development of enterprises is inseparable from technological innovation, and lean management is a booster of enterprise development.

—— Eva


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