From "face-to-face" to "screen-to-screen", the online Canton Fair will become a bellwether for China's economic and trade development under the epidemic.

YGM Online Canton Fair

YGM online Canton Fair

The 128th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was held online from October 15th to 24th for 10 days. There are about 60,000 booths 25,000 exhibitors at home and abroad in the Canton Fair this year. Also 5,411 companies in Zhejiang Province with 11,954 booths attended, accounting for about 20% of the total booths in the country. The exhibited products cover various categories such as textiles, sanitary building materials, holiday products, household products, office stationery and so on.

Stabilize foreign trade under the epidemic

In 2020, in the face of the continuous spread of the global COVID-19 and the severe impact on international trade, the State Council decided to hold the Canton Fair online instead. It is undoubtedly a concrete practice under the policy of “stabilizing foreign trade” to hold Canton Fair beyond the epidemic. Under the premise of preventing the rebound of the epidemic and overseas imports, the online Canton Fair ensures the normal progress of some trade activities, which can hedge the impact of the epidemic to the greatest extent and achieve a win-win situation for foreign trade and epidemic prevention.

Carefully prepare and go all out

How to attract new customers through the online Canton Fair is a new challenge and attempt for export companies. In order to make the online live broadcast also like on-site display, Zhejiang YGM Technology Co., Ltd. purchased the most advanced equipment and set up a live broadcast room. Besides preparing dozens of new reflective products, we also implements a 24-hour shift  live broadcast system to recommend products to global merchants , answer customer questions in the first time, and help companies achieve good live broadcast results. From the construction of hardware facilities to the network information service support, from the interactive skills to customers to secondary communication. In order to display exhibits to customers more professionally and promote transactions, YGM’s live broadcast team carefully explored every process, designed different scripts, repeatedly exercises and summaries, study how to attract and communicate with customers as soon as possible, and facilitate the formation of orders, etc., to ensure that they can face customers in a professional manner during the official live broadcast without missing every potential customer.

From “face-to-face” to “screen-to-screen”, the online Canton Fair will become a bellwether for China’s economic and trade development under the epidemic.


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