Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival - Mid-Autumn Festival Parade was a great success!

In view of enhancing our employees’ sense of participation and strengthening their identification with traditional festivals, YGM recently organized a Mid-Autumn Festival garden activity before the arrival of the festival. The event proved to be a remarkable success, and we are delighted to share the details of this wonderful celebration with you.

Mid-Autumn Festival1

The garden activity was held in multiple sections across various office areas of the factory. The different sections included a mooncake tasting area, a game challenge area, and a hand-made area. Each section provided a unique experience for the employees, which enabled them to learn and enjoy the various traditions associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2

A highlight of the event was the mooncake tasting area, where employees had the opportunity to taste mooncakes in a variety of flavors, from sweet to salty, a traditional Chinese pastry associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival. The game challenge area provides a series of interesting activities and challenges, such as puzzles, obstacle courses, mini-games, etc., to test employees’ skills, agility and teamwork spirit. The hand-made area also proved to be a hit with the employees, as they learnt to make their own lanterns and decorations using traditional Chinese paper cutting techniques.

The participation and enthusiasm displayed by the employees was overwhelming, and they eagerly took part in every aspect of this event. The atmosphere was vibrant and active, which made for a memorable Mid-Autumn Festival. This garden activity was not only a great way to celebrate the festival but also enhanced our employees’ sense of cultural appreciation.

YGM is proud to have organized such a successful event, and it was delightful to see all the employees from various departments taking part with enthusiasm. We sincerely hope that such events can become a part of our tradition at YGM and we look forward to arranging more activities in the future.

—— Eden


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