How To Order A Custom Safety Vest From Office?

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Whether you’re looking for a personalized safety vest wholesale manufacturer or one with pre-printed safety vests, jumping into a purchase does more harm than good. While it isn’t rocket science, you can find the perfect supplier once you know what you need with regard to safety clothing in detail. 

From fire resistance to self-extinguishing properties, and velcro closure, it might seem confusing. That’s why, when you’re searching for a reliable safety vest supplier it’s crucial you know it head-to-toe before investing.

Read on to find out what are custom safety vests, 18 of its types, top benefits, 10 certifications, and 11 steps for finding the best China supplier. This way, you can save HUGE when buying wholesale safety vests in bulk. 

Get started right away.

What Are Custom Safety Vests?

Can clothes protect lives? Yes, safety apparel wards off several kinds of dangers from hail to hay, fire, rain, and many more things. By definition, a safety vest is clothing made out of reflective fabric to improve the visibility of the wearer or protect their torso. It comes in several colors and you can from pink safety vest suppliers or blue safety vest suppliers as per branding preferences.

To tell the truth, customized safety vests aren’t just for show. In fact, the Federal law dictates construction workers must wear vests with Class 2/3 grading when working on federal roadways.

Personalized printed safety vests come in several varieties, materials, and with several features. This type of personal-protective-equipment (PPE) is designed for maximum reflectivity. Hence, the individuals wearing it, such as your employees on the site, are safe against accidents.  

With all this said, it’s your choice to customize the safety vest as you want. Most often, every part of the vest can be customized exactly as you want. The best thing is you decide the material of the vest to its accessories, closures, brand logo, piping style, color of reflective tape and more. The choice is totally yours to build the safety vest of your specifications without compromise when you buy from a wholesale manufacturer.


18 Types Of Safety Vest Custom

From material to resistance and safety features, there are many types of personalized vests to choose from nowadays.


Take a look at the complete list of types so that you can select the best from below.

  1. Two-tone vest refers to safety singlet with a combination of two tones such as fluorescent yellow, green, orange, black and blue, and so on
  2. Vests with pockets come equipped with up to 11 internal or external pockets as well as closures made of zipper, velcro or buttons
  3. Pocketless safety wear clothing are those without any sections, pockets, slots to store or carry accessories like phones, notepads, pens, and so on
  4. Surveyor vest is a unique clothing designed to protect workers in low-visibility areas, especially on the road or railroads
  5. Mesh clothing are made from materials like mesh, bird-eye-fabric, and oval mesh fabric
  6. Solid vest is a product of 100% knitted polyester or oxford fabric. It’s often certified with Class 2 certification
  7. Breakaway vests are tailor-made for preventing scores of snagging-associated accidents. There are five breakaway points on the vest and out of this, two are located at shoulders, two on the sides and one in the front
  8. Adjustable vests easily fits varied sizes of people such that different workers can use it without having to get a new size for each worker
  9. Reflective trim safety apparel that are designed using plastic or metal rings. Such a mechanism makes it easy to attach accessories ranging from phone, lamp, hammer, etcetera with maximum safety
  10. ENISO 20471 safety vests come in three classes called 1, 2 and 3 based on the safety specifications and standards. Here, the area of reflective and fluorescent fabric are set according to regulations
  11. Non-certificated vests aren’t approved by any certifying body, and are hence cheaper in price. However, these are also designed for above-average standard of visibility
  12. X-Back vests are those constructed with reflective tape on the back of the coat in the shape of an X, typically created with a silver tape of two-inch dimensions
  13. FR or fire resistant vests are designed with the elite standards of fire-retardancy in mind
  14. Insulated vests come with the added benefit of water resistance on top of an additional layer of material to ensure warmth for the wearer when working in cold or low-temperature areas
  15. Reversible safety coats are wearable on both sides, thus offering 2x usability  
  16. Public safety waistcoat comes in many colors, especially yellow, green or orange
  17. Hi-Gloss vests are safety clothing that come with ANSI certification of Class 2. These are usually constructed with a huge amount of reflective material than the other type of safety wear for improved gloss and resulting visibility
  18. Hi-Vis clothing is often referred to as Hi-Viz clothing. Such an apparel is constructed with luminescent material, which enhances the appearance of the wearer in low-visibility areas

Top Benefits Of High-Quality Safety Vest China

Essential to most industries you know today, customized safety vests are famous for their superior quality. There are many perks of using the protection workwear, especially if you’re concerned about the safety standards of your workers.

The industries that need to find a safety vest manufacturer to ensure the health and protection of their workers are:

  • Site safety: When it comes to protection when working in low-visibility areas, safety coats offer basic protection
  • Lightweight: Being made from polyester and often with a mesh design, these vests are easy to carry and dries fast after getting wet
  • Construction: Workers in this industry will find it risk-free to work with custom safety clothing  
  • Waste management:Employees working with waste find waistcoats made of reflective fabric the best
  • Traffic workers:This kind of workers find it easy to direct drivers, provided they are wearing clothes with reflective tape or fabric
  • High Visibility clothing: It’s one of the core advantages of wearing safety vests as it improves the visibility of the wearer
  • Resistance to hail, fire and rain: This is important for ensuring the safety of employees regardless of the risks

Safety Vest China Vs From Local Distributor

We’ve talked a lot about buying safety apparel in wholesale. But, is it actually good to buy from a China supplier, as opposed to your local agent? What’s the difference actually? Which is a better pick for you?

Take a look at the comparison table below to get a detailed idea of the pros and cons of each.

Features Local Distributor China Supplier
PriceRetail prices that are 300 to 400% more than wholesale quotes.Cheaper than locally available deals and always with bulk savings.
StylesDue to the lack of in-house designer and factory, the variations and customization options are limited here. Almost all China suppliers work with several designers and own one or more factories. This is why you will find countless styles. Moreover, you can even design customized variations as per preferences.
TimeAs you’re buying a ready-made vest from local dealers, you might receive the order in 2 weeks to one month.After placing the order, it takes over a month to ship via standard freighters. If you need speedy orders, it might cost extra.
After-Sales With local sellers, you get the option of face-to-face conversations. On top of it, the close proximity in location also leads to quick service.Due to the distant location of Chinese suppliers, it might take a higher time to set up consultation times than local agents, unless you’re in China.
Minimum OrderA dozen or two 500 to 1000
Maximum OrderOver a hundred As much as you want
SalesYou might not find products on sale at all times with a local agent. Moreover, it might take the same time for them to order more items, just as you do with a wholesale supplier Products are always available for sales, no matter what your demands are

In a nutshell, ordering from a local agent is more expensive and not reliable. This is on top of the fact that you won’t get enough styles to choose from. However, you might get quick delivery and even-quicker after-sales service.

When it comes to China wholesale suppliers, you get the widest variety of styles, unlimited maximum order and incredible savings of up to 400%. That being said, you might have to wait longer and order more samples to buy in wholesale from China. Once you’ve found a trustworthy supplier, it’s easy to order hundreds and thousands of products without any risks from Chinese safety vest manufacturers.

11 Things To Keep In Mind For Finding The Best Safety Vest Supplier

Looking for the best wholesale safety vest suppliers? While sizing is one way to find the right wholesaler, there are many more clever ways to find a trustable source. Things that constitute the best supplier include QC, materials, features, reputation, and cost of the vest itself.

Here’s all the direction you need to find the best manufacturer for reflective fabric:

  1. Factory: There are two types of suppliers that make reflective vests. The first type of supplier manufacturer constructs their own vests and the other buys from someone else, adds their markup and sells it to you. Traders are like the latter, where the price is even higher as they don’t make their own vests. It’s always best to buy from a supplier who also has a factory.
  2. Shortlisting: Before you start in-depth research, keep in mind that you have to shortlist 10 suppliers, to whom you can ask for price quotes. Based on the quotes, select two to three manufacturers and request samples. When you place an order, stick with one supplier.
  3. Sales person: The better relationship you hold with a sales executive, such as talking in a preferred language such as English, French and so on, the easier it will be to get the order exactly as you want. Put simply, if the salesperson who is working inthe supplier isn’t up to the mark, you will end up with more trouble than profits.
  4. Reputation: The first step to vet a China reflective vest manufacturer is their references and reviews. Doing so will help you find out the quality of their products as well as flaws of the supplier.
  5. Materials: Mention the type of material you want protective apparel. These might include  polyester, reflective tape, fluorescent fabric, etcetera.
  6. Features: When it comes to selecting the best personalized safety vest wholesalesupplier, you need to look at the key features. Namely, custom safety vests with pockets, type of closure (velcro, zip), brand logo, etcetera.
  7. Location: It’s always best to find suppliers from the Zhejiang Province in China as it’s the industrial belt for factories that make reflective vests.
  8. Cost: Next comes your budget. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, wholesale purchases of vests come with huge discounts. Make sure to negotiate the same before you confirm the order.
  9. MOQ: One of the crucial parts of ordering in wholesale is sampling, which is doable once you know the Minimum Order Quantity. Make sure to set a minimum quantity for the same before you commit to a long time purchase.
  10. QualityControl: Make sure to inspect the sample piece you received for damages related to stitches, or the quality of the materials used. Request videos, photos and other details such as composition of fabric before placing the order. Also inquire about the quality control measures undertaken by the supplier to ensure it’s uniform with every order you place.
  11. After-Sales: A commonly ignored thing to do with custom safety is the services offered by the wholesaler after the sale. Do they address your concerns? Are their products just as described? What are their return and replacement policies? Ask all the necessary questions when you get the sample so that your main order doesn’t shock you with discrepancies. This point is further explained in the next subtitle.

What You Need To Know When You Get The Sample?

Once you’ve received the sample, you need to check if it matches with your requirements and specifications at first.

Here’s a checklist of all the things you need to keep in mind:

  • Logo: The first thing to check if you requested brand logo on the safety wear is the location and printing of the same on the apparel
  • Sizing: You should crosscheck with EU and US standard with respect to the requirements of the client with a measuring tape to find out whether it suffices the requirements
  • Sewing and its durability: Check the seams and stitches to determine the durability of the safety apparel
  • Styling: Does it meet the standards requested by the client? Ensure that the styling is on-point because when one goes wrong, there’s a chance several can in the long-run
  • Reflective area: Crosscheck if the reflective tapeand fluorescent fabric meets with the standards and regulations
  • Label of the supplier:Check whether the woven label of the manufacturer is clashing with your own brand logo or other design features

Certifications Of Wholesale Safety Vests To Keep In Mind

When it comes to reflective vests, one-third are already compliant with standard safety protocols today. Safety standards are crucial for protecting the wearer as well as others. That’s why you need to know all about the certifications generally seen on reflective safety workwear and vests.

Take a look at it below.

  • EN ISO 20471 is an international certification standard that approves three types of classes; namely, 1, 2 and 3 based on the risk of the working area mainly having to do with visibility.  Here, the highest certification is Class 3. The minimum area of visible reflective fabric is given Class 3 stature with 0.20 sq m, Class 2 for 0.13 sq m, and Class 1 for 0.10 sq m. When it comes to fluorescent material, Class 3 requires 0.80 sq m, Class 2 at 0.50 sq m and Class 1 at 0.14 sq m..
  • ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 or the American National Standards Institute approves Class 1, Class 2 (Traffic for 25 to 50 mph), and Class 3 (above 50 mph or low visibility) vests. The difference in classification numbers depend on the amount of reflective material on the waistcoat. You might’ve heard 207-2011 (public safety vests) with the same too.
  • EN 343 is waterproof safety wear that comes in breathable fabric with protection from wind. The digits here indicate the breathability and water tightness of the protection wear clothing.
  • EN 342 is clothing that provides protection from the cold weather. This certification is received from the Finnish Institute Of Occupational Health (FIOH).
  • EN ISO 11611 ensures protection for the wearer during welding and displaces the old EN 470-1.
  • EN ISO 11612 is a safety wear standard for clothing that protects the wearer against flame and heat. It’s a substitute for the old norm of EN 531.
  • EN 61482-1-2 is worn by workers who are exposed to electric arcs and it replaces the old certification standard called the ENV 50354.
  • EN 1149-3 or EN 1149-5 is used for protecting the wearer when engaged in an electrostatic environment. Here EN 1149-3: 2004 protects from electrical discharge, and EN 114905: 2008 regulates the production of the safety wear.
  • EN 13034 is a certification for clothing that protects against liquid chemicals such as Type 6 and Type PB 6. It’s also known as Chemical Protective Clothing and prevents injury such as from low volume chemical splashes.
  • UV Standard 801 is famous for guaranteeing protection from ultraviolet rays. It works best for people engaged in extreme hot or high-UV outdoor work. 

Bottom Line

Finding the best safety vest wholesale isn’t an easy task. You need to study what exactly is a safety vest, how it works and all about the types of variations in detail. Today we learned up to 18 varieties of safety wear vests from two-tone to surveyor, mesh, solid, high-vis, and more.

Getting custom safety wear for your employees is the best way to uphold their health and safety. Moreover, these are lightweight besides protecting workers in industries like traffic, construction, etcetera.

When ordering one from a supplier, you need to check the certifications, factory, sales person, QC, after-sales and more as described above. We also learned the important things to keep in mind about logo, sizing, styling, etcetera when you finally receive the sample. All you need to do is start shortlisting trustworthy suppliers.

Ensuring 110% safety on your worksite is easy if you start using custom logo safety vests with YGM. Enquire about it NOW.


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