A Brighter Entrance: Exploring the Advantages of YGM Full-Width Reflective Material

We are very pleased to introduce our outstanding product–YGM Full Width Reflective Material, which is an excellent blend of advanced technology, careful manufacturing and strict quality control.YGM, as a leader in China’s reflective material industry, has been manufacturing and supplying reflective materials to many large corporate suppliers around the world for more than a decade.

The presence of full width reflective material provides ample material for a variety of applications. This full-width reflective material is characterized by large quantities and creativity, and is suitable for safety, sports, and fashion apparel and accessories where there is a high demand for reflective fabrics.

High standard, high quality

Turning the spotlight on its production process, we remain committed to the highest standards. Reflection performance is paramount, and we pay close attention to potential deterrents that could affect the quality, such as horizontal lines, flying insects, and uneven distributions of reflective beads. Our teams conduct scrupulous product inspections post-production, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence. Rest assured, we are dedicated to delivering a flawless product surface to every customer.

A Brighter Entrance: Exploring the Advantages of YGM Full-Width Reflective Material1

As a result of our stringent product inspection, the delivery time for the YGM Full-Width Reflective Material may be slightly extended. This is a commitment we are willing to make to ensure the highest possible product quality is delivered to your doorstep.

Packaging and customization

Size does matter, and we’ve taken that into account! Our full-width reflective material  are commonly packaged in boxes measuring 1.05*0.18*0.18 meters, and our well-designed, compact packaging not only takes into account the need for larger sizes, but also improves storage and transportation efficiency, and ensures that the product will not be damaged due to accidental collisions during transportation.

A Brighter Entrance: Exploring the Advantages of YGM Full-Width Reflective Material2

The regular sizes of the whole width material are 1m and 1.4m, and since different customers will have different creative needs, this product has been designed with special consideration to work with slitting machines. This makes it ideal for DIY enthusiasts or professionals, giving them the opportunity to customize and experiment exactly to their needs. We want our products to match your vision, not the other way around. So whether you have an innovative project idea or a specific application requirement, our customized solutions are ready to meet your needs and turn your concept into reality.

Minimum order quantity

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for the YGM Full-Width Reflective Material is set at 2 rolls. Providing flexibility in ordering, this decision enables you to test our product on a smaller scale before proceeding with larger applications.

In summary, the YGM Full-Width Reflective Material is not just a product. It’s a thoughtful amalgamation of technology and quality, designed to catalyze your creativity and step up the performance of your projects. Apply it with confidence, cut it with precision, and watch how your creations spring to life with impeccable reflection and high aesthetic appeal. Embark on your creative journey with YGM today!

—— Eva


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