20210128 YGM reflective Real-time Streaming Show

20210128 YGM reflective Real-time Streaming-1

YGM reflective Real-time Streaming Show

In the case of the COVID-19 epidemic, Real-time Streaming has actually become a crucial channel for our business to showcase our company and products.

On January 28, 2021, we held our first Internet live show in the YGM live broadcast room.

Carina and Ivy were our hosts, Zoey Jenny William and also Matte were in the support team.

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YGM is one of the world-leading manufacturers and suppliers of reflective tape and safety clothing. YGM has its own production workshops to meet any demands.

Carina and Ivy actually presented reflective heat transfer vinyl /reflective fabric /flame retardant reflective tape and safety garments, which are the most prominent reflective materials on the current market.

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Reflective heat transfer vinyl, or reflective HTV for short, is a special vinyl polymer that can be used on certain fabrics and materials to create designs and promotional products. It comes in a roll or sheet form with sticky support, can be cut, weeded, and then placed on the substrate for heating application.

Reflective HTV is widely applied in our lives. When you initially obtain the reflective heat transfer vinyl, you might consider two means to use it. One is cutting into stripes, the other is cutting into logos. For stripe cutting, there are not many requirements on the blade, you can use a plotter, laser machine or even scissors to cut the reflective heat transfer vinyls of PES, TPU or PU backing. It’s much easier to operate. For logo cutting, we require much more professional machines. To help you better understand the operation, we took a video to reveal the process.

Reflective HTV has numerous kinds and lots of shades, which can be picked according to the customer’s needs.

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Reflective Tape For Clothing is one of the most widely used reflective materials for day-to-day usage.

With the growth of our innovation, we have 3 kinds of reflective tapes for top quality clothes, high luster‘s reflective, high reflective, normal reflective. In this collection, we offer industrial washing reflective tape for high-level workwear. And also we have various degrees of washing performance, like ordinary washing 25 cycles under 60 degrees as well as industrial washing and complete dry cleaning.

In order to show our daily washing inspection, We obtained a number of tapes from the workshop, put them in the washing machine, 25 cycles under 60 degrees. After 25 cycles of washing, test their reflective coefficient again. If the reflective coefficient is greater than 250cpl, the tape is certified.

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FR tape is likewise a product that is commonly utilized in safety clothing. Basically, we have 2 types, one is high luster‘s FR tape, the other is FR warning tape. There are fluo yellow and fluo red.

If you ask what FR tape is, and whats the difference between FR tape and Reflective Tape For Clothing?

First, the support material is various. For FR tape, we generally use 100% cotton or 100% aramid. But for reflective tape, TC and 100% polyester are more usual.

Second is the feature. From the name, we can recognize that it can be fireproof.

EN469, as well as UL accreditation, are very vital in the purchase of FR tape.

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YGM has numerous safety and security garments, safety vests, safety t-shirts, and also reflective jackets.

YGM is a manufacturer, and we accept customer designs. This pattern is very important. For this, you can choose from our catalogue, as well as you can likewise send us your design. We will certainly maintain your design key.

After validating the pattern, for the product, color, size, as well as piping, all you can choose what you like. In addition, we can apply your logo design to the vest. There are 3 types of logos,  silk-screen printing/ hot-press heat transfer vinyl and computer embroidery.

That’s all about this live broadcast, see you next timeReplay address.



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