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  • Are you looking for an ideal solution to shine at night?
  • Do you want to give your pet a fancy look?
  • Are you looking for a decorative solution for your outfit that may shine in the dark?
  • This article has answers to all your questions. Read further to know about the reflective ribbon uses, advantages, and features.

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Reflective Ribbon Category

1.Sew-on Reflective Ribbon

Sew-On Reflective Ribbon

Reflectivity: >250cd/lx/m²
Color: Green / Yellow / Orange or customized
Backing Fabric: Woven tape
Reflective Tape: Silver or high reflective tape sewed on
Washing Performance: 25 cycles@40℃ ISO6330

2.Iron-on Reflective Ribbon

Iron-On Reflective Ribbon

Reflectivity: >250cd/lx/m²
Color: Green / Yellow / Orange or customized
Backing Fabric: Woven tape
Reflective Tape: Silver or high reflective vinyl ironed on
Washing Performance: 25 cycles@40℃ ISO6330

3. Sew-on Reflective Ribbon on Oxford

Sew-On Reflective Ribbon On Oxford

Reflectivity: >250cd/lx/m²
Color: Green / Yellow / Orange or customized
Backing Fabric: Oxford tape
Reflective Tape: Silver or high reflective tape sewed on
Washing Performance: 25 cycles@40℃ ISO6330

4. Iron-on Reflective Ribbon on Oxford

Iron-On Reflective Ribbon On Oxford

Reflectivity: >250cd/lx/m²
Color: Green / Yellow / Orange or customized
Backing Fabric: Oxford tape
Reflective Tape: Silver or high reflective vinyl ironed on
Washing Performance: 25 cycles@40℃ ISO6330

5. Segmented Pattern Reflective Ribbon

Segmented Pattern Reflective Ribbon

Reflectivity: >250cd/lx/m²
Color: Green / Black or customized
Backing Fabric: Woven / Oxford tape
Reflective Tape: Silver or high reflective vinyl ironed on
Washing Performance: 25 cycles@40℃ ISO6330
Customizability: Accept pattern customization

Reflective Ribbon –An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Table of Contents

What Is a Reflective Ribbon?

A ribbon that can reflect a specific amount of light is called a reflective ribbon. It is also known as retro-reflective ribbons. They reflect the light to the source. 

These ribbons come in sew-on and iron-on varieties. Iron-on tape is a heat transfer film that you can conveniently put on webbings.

Type of Reflective Ribbon

We, YGM, are the pioneers in producing various types of reflective heat transfer and sew-on ribbons. 

For reflective ribbons we use webbing or oxford tape as base material. These tapes are the unique materials that can withstand high temperatures. Our products include:

We encourage you to choose a support base according to your needs or speak to our customer service for more information.

What Are the Uses of Reflective Ribbon Tape?

Reflective ribbon tape is a versatile material with numerous applications. Following are the uses of it: 

On Cloths

Reflective ribbon tape is used on clothes to increases the visibility of the person at night. A perfect example of this is the traffic police jacket. For example, a police officer who manages traffic at nightwear these jackets to be visible in the dark.

Furthermore, these tapes are also used as a decorative add-on. For instance, you must have seen pet wear, jumpsuits, coats, pants, and uniforms having bright-colored reflective ribbons on them. 

Life-Saving Equipment

Reflective ribbons play a vital role in life support equipment like life jackets, lifeboats, rescue boats, hand flares, immersion suits, and buoyant smoke signals. In times of panic and accident, you can conveniently reach out to the safety equipment even if there is dim or no light.

Bagpacks, Shoes, and Sports Accessories

Another application of reflective ribbons is on some utility items like bags, shoes, and sports accessories.

These tapes not only decorate the product but also help you to locate it in the dark. A boy wearing a pair of sneakers with reflective tape sewed on while cycling at night may give a magical look.

An Interesting Tool for Designers

Designer wear suits and accessories are trending worldwide. Some examples are tracksuits, sportswear, swimsuits, and many more.

Designers use these sew-on and iron-on ribbons to create attractive patterns on the suit.

Application of Reflective Ribbon

What Are the Exemplary Features of a Reflective Ribbon?

YGM facilitates you with high-quality reflective ribbons. These ribbons possess the following features:

  • Easy application and easy removal (if needed)
  • Sew-on / iron-on application
  • Washable
  • Bendable and flexible
  • Soft reflective material
  • Adequate reflectivity
  • Embedded micro glass beads
  • Available in variable width and lengths
  • Strong backing fabric
  • Variable colors
  • Strong and durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Long life

What Are the Factors to Consider When Buying Reflective Ribbon?

Reflective ribbon is one of the most common uses. To ensure you make the most out of it following are the factors to consider.


It is the sole purpose of applying reflective ribbon tape on clothing. If it fails to perform up to the mark, there’s no point in using it.

Sew-on and HTV tapes have different reflectivity quotients, depending on your preference. However, they all have a reflectivity more than 250cd/lm/m2.


Every user has unique needs. Whether you’re planning to use it for fashion, safety apparel, or work, make sure the tape is customizable.


The washing performance and needs differ depending on the reflective tape you use for your garment. ISO 6330 (home washing between 40°C and 60°C or 90°C), ISO 15797 (industrial washing at 75°C), or ISO 3175 may be required for some items (recommending dry cleaning).

What Are the Advantages of a Reflective Ribbon?

Reflective ribbons are beneficial for variable industries. Let’s summarize some of the advantages.

  • These ribbons are ideal for safety equipment. For instance, if you are caught up in an emergency and finding a safety jacket for yourself, the reflective stripes help you find the equipment easily.
  • Reflective ribbons on the life-saving equipment make it easier for the rescue teams to locate the affected people.
  • These ribbons are easy to sew on, easy to remove, washable, and long-lasting.
  • You may get reflective ribbons in variable sizes and colors. As per your choice and requirement, you may ask YGM to create a specific ribbon for your business.
  • Another benefit of reflective tape ribbons is their decorative usage. Fashion designers apply these ribbons on clothes, shoes, caps, bags, or other applications to give them a stylish look.
  • Segmented reflective ribbons with beautiful patterns create a mesmerizing effect at night.
  • These lightweight reflective tapes are ideal for fashionable sportswear. Bikers, swimmers, cyclists, runners, and stunt masters wear unique costumes with reflective ribbons on them. 

What Are the Various Types of Reflective Ribbons?

YGM manufactures a wide range of reflective ribbons to suit your needs. If we summarize them in five basic types, these are:

1. Sew-on Reflective Ribbon

It is a ribbon that is made by sewing on the reflective tape on strong webbings. You can get these ribbons with webbing and reflective tape of variable widths.

These ribbons are available in variable colors. You may get these ribbons with middle sew-on reflective tapes having a reflective coefficient of 250 cd/lx/m². 

2. Iron-on Reflective Ribbon

These ribbons comprise a reflective heat transfer tape on webbings. These heat-sensitive tapes are applied in the middle of the stripped fabric with the help of an iron.

A strong adhesive is used on the tape to ensure its adherence in harsh conditions. For example, you can use these ribbons on life-saving marine jackets. These water-resistant iron-on reflective ribbons stay intact even after getting completely wet.

3. Sew-on Reflective Ribbon on Oxford

It is a state-of-the-art reflective ribbon. It comprises a reflective tape on oxford. The reflective tape reflects light in little or no-light time, and the fast-colored oxford  ensure clear visibility in the daytime.

You may get these sew-on ribbons in variable widths and lengths, as per your requirement. Also, YGM offers a wide range of oxford colors to choose from.

4. Iron-on Reflective Ribbon on Oxford

Iron-on reflective tape on oxford is another addition to the reflective ribbon series YGM manufactures.

These internationally approved and certified ribbons are ideal for day and nighttime visibility.

5. Segmented Pattern Reflective Ribbon

Segmented pattern reflective ribbon is a symbol of YGM innovations. These stylish and attractive heat-sealable tapes are ideal for fashion designers.

These ribbons apply to outdoor products like sportswear, bags, tents, caps, and shoes.

Can I Get a Customized Reflective Ribbon?

YGM takes pride in facilitating you with your desired reflective tape ribbons. You may ask for your required width, length, tape-style, and ribbon color.

Besides the standard ribbons at YGM, our experienced and highly qualified staff brings innovative designs as per your choice. The R&D team at YGM works round the clock to ensure innovative and up-to-date solutions.

We ensure the quality by inspecting it thoroughly as per international safety standards. Our quality control team checks the raw material, production process, and packaging till it is shipped.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact our customer services team right now to get a quote.

Which Reflective Ribbon Tape Is Ideal for Sportswear?

To give an enhanced look to sportswear, nowadays, reflective material is trending. Segmented reflective tape is ideal for this purpose.


There are many reasons to support this statement. Let’s dig into the reasons:

  • Sports garments are usually made with flexible and stretchable fabrics. For this reason, segmented iron-on reflective ribbons are ideal for sportswear. These lightweight and breathable tapes are bendable and comfortable for the wearer.
  • These ribbons possess more washing durability as compared to other tapes.
  • Another important reason is that the beautiful patterns make the product fashionable, customized, and attractive.

Besides the standard segmented reflective tape ribbons, you may also get your customized patterns at YGM.

What Is the Visibility and Life Span of a Reflective Ribbon?


You may see a reflective ribbon from 200 – 500 feet. It is possible only if there is no hurdle in between.

Also, the visibility and reflection depending on the amount of light put on the ribbons. The higher the light beams more the reflection will be.

Life Span of a Reflective Ribbon

It depends on the usage. For example, if scrubbed roughly, the ribbon tape on the shirt may lose its effectiveness compared to the ribbons handled with care.

What Is the Lead Time of Reflective Ribbon?

YGM may deliver your standard reflective ribbon order in 10 – 15 days. However, customized orders may take a little longer. You might get your custom-made reflective ribbons in 20 – 30 days.

No matter how long it takes, YGM ensures high-quality and durable reflective ribbon at your doorstep.

What Is the Difference between a Reflective Tape and a Reflective Ribbon?

Following are some of the significant differences between the reflective ribbon and the tape:

  • Reflective ribbons are striped webbing or oxford tapes that have a reflective surface. At the same time, reflective tapes are self-adhesive tapes that you can apply to variable surfaces.
  • Ribbons are applicable on clothes or things that have a fabric base, like shoes or bags. In contrast, reflective tapes are compatible with multiple surfaces. You can apply them on plastic, steel, metal, or glass surface. For example, on a construction site, you may have noticed boards saying, site under construction. These metal or PVC boards have reflective tapes adhered to them.
  • Reflective ribbons are available in two types. You can choose webbing/oxford tape with reflective tape stitched on it or ironed on with reflective heat transfer vinyl. But if we talk about the reflective tape, it has adhesion coated on the backside of the reflective tape. These self-adhesive tapes are easy to apply on vehicles, boards, or other metal surfaces.
  • Due to the difference in the application, iron-on reflective ribbons are applicable to surfaces that can withstand heat. On the other hand, there is no limitation of temperature for reflective tapes.

What Material Makes Reflective Ribbons Reflective?

YGM uses tiny prisms or glass beads to make reflective ribbons. These glass beads receive, focus, and bounce the light back to the source.

Specific machines are used to bond the small-sized glass beads together on a single film. These beads adhere to the film in multiple layers.

Structure of Reflective Ribbon

The base material that YGM, most commonly, uses is metalized to enhance the reflective capability of the reflective ribbon.

Likewise, some non-metalized bases like acrylic or resins are also used to manufacture reflective ribbons. However, metalized films are more long-lasting and give strong adhesion as compared to the non-metalized base.

YGM reflective ribbons are also known as retro-reflective ribbons. Retro-reflective ribbons are different than reflective ribbons.


A reflective ribbon serves as a mirror. It receives light and reflects it in a scattered manner. But, if we talk about the retro-reflective ribbon, it receives light and, with the help of thousands of tiny glass beads, sends back a more focused image.

Difference of Reflective Ribbon
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