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Reflective Piping
  • YGM Reflective Piping is designed to protect people and provide comfort whilst making a fashion statement!
  • Reflective piping is available in various colors.
  • The Piping is composed of comfortable reflective fabric, a cotton core, and mesh fabric.
  • The backing fiber is made out of 100% polyester, T/C and 85% polyester+15% spandex.
  • Our YGM reflective piping is customizable.
  • You can easily customize the material, size, color, cotton core, and mesh fabric according to your needs.
  • Easy to apply on various fabrics.
  • YGM reflective piping can be sewed into seams of bags, shoes, caps, shirts, and pants.
  • Reflective piping is made by using top-quality fabric and innovative technology.

Why choose YGM Reflective Piping?

Reflective Piping Category

1. High Lusterí»s Reflective Piping

High Luster’s Reflective Piping

● Model number: T011
● Reflectivity: >300cd/lx/m²
● Color: Silver
● Backing fabric: T/C

2. High Reflective Piping

High Reflective Piping

● Model number: T102
● Reflectivity: >300cd/lx/m²
● Color: Grey
● Backing fabric: 100% polyester

3. Ordinary Reflective Piping

Ordinary Reflective Piping

● Model number: T202
● Reflectivity: >15cd/lx/m²
● Color: Grey
● Backing fabric: 100% polyester

4. Colorful Reflective Piping

Colorful Reflective Piping

● Model number: T200
● Reflectivity: >10cd/lx/m²
● Color: Black, yellow, red, green, blue and other colors
● Backing fabric: 100% polyester or T/C

5. High Lusteris Elastic Reflective Piping

High Luster’s Elastic Reflective Piping

● Model number: T004
● Reflectivity: >400cd/lx/m²
● Color: Silver
● Backing fabric: 85% polyester+15% spandex

Reflective Piping FAQs

Table of Contents

What is Reflective Piping?

Reflective Piping is pre-folded ribbon-like piping that serves the primary function of safety and protection. The Piping is made out of Reflective fabric hence the name ‘Reflective Piping’.

It is sewn into the seams of different types of clothing such as suits, jackets, pants, bags, socks, and vests while the round edge remains outside. The reflective material reflects any incoming light making the person wearing it visible to the viewer.

Why use Reflective Piping?

The main function of reflective piping is to protect the wearer and make him/her visible both during day and night. During the day the vibrant color of the clothing ensures the safety of the worker.

Whereas during the night the Reflective Piping reflects light making the wearer visible in dark and low-lit areas.

Nowadays many countries have made it mandatory for workers working high-risk jobs to wear clothes that are equipped with Reflective Piping.

Aside from safety reasons many brands and clothing manufacturers make use of Reflective piping for fashion purposes.

Many big household brands such as Balenciaga use reflective piping and fabric to make statement pieces that are worn by celebs all around the world.

Application of Reflective Piping
YGM Reflective Logo

Can you wash fabric that has reflective piping?

If you want to wash your jacket, pants, vest, or bag that has reflective piping then do so without any worry. Generally, it is okay to wash your clothes lined with reflective piping.

There is no hard-and-fast rule to washing your reflective piping clothes. Just wash them with like colors in cold water and on a delicate or normal cycle. Use a mild detergent and keep away from bleach and fabric softener. You can either air dry or tumble dry on low heat, whatever suits you best.

How to install YGM Reflective Piping?

Installing YGM reflective piping is child’s play. You match the backing fiber/ raw edge of the piping with the seams of your shirt, jacket, or anything you want while keeping a distance between both seams.

Using your stitching machine just stitch the piping to your clothes making sure that the reflective piping remains outside.

YGM reflective piping is easy to handle and apply. No rocket science on how to apply it to your fabric.

How to care for Reflective Piping clothes?

Clothes having reflective piping stitched into them are easy to handle. You deal with them just as you would normal clothes. We however suggest that you don’t iron the clothes and gently wash them if need be. Always wash sparsely to ensure the longevity of your clothes as well as the reflective piping.

The bottom line is clotheslined with reflective piping are sturdy and easy to care for.

How much does YGM Reflective Piping reflect light?

How much reflective piping reflects light depends upon the quality and color. Certain colors are more reflective than the others while some are poor reflectors. The quality also determines how much light is reflected.

At YGM we manufacture top-notch quality reflective piping that promises maximum reflection.

What is Reflective Piping made of?

A good quality reflective piping is made of the cotton core, mesh fabric, and base cloth with micro glass beads, which are responsible for the reflection of light.

Composition of Reflective Piping

What are the applications of Reflective Piping?

Reflective piping has many different applications. It is used in workwear for the protection of workers and in the fashion industry to make pieces that stand out.

Firefighters, athletes, police, hikers, construction workers, and many more departments require suits that have some kind of reflective material stitched into them.

The demand for Reflective Piping has increased vastly. It is now being used in everyday wear. Many cyclists, joggers, and walkers have started wearing clothes that are lined with reflective piping to remain visible to any oncoming vehicle.

What is the importance of Reflective Piping?

Reflective piping plays an important role in protecting and safeguarding the life of a person. According to a study conducted it was reported that traffic accidents were reduced by a whopping 70%.

Simply because the person was wearing reflective material of some sort. Therefore reflective piping can play a huge role in preventing any harmful accidents from occurring. Many countries have now made it compulsory for workers to wear reflective clothes.

What are the materials used for Reflective Piping?

The backing fabric of YGM reflective Piping is made up of 100% polyester, T/C or 85% polyester and 15 % spandex. This ensures elasticity and rigidity at the same time.

The reflective piping itself is composed of a cotton core and mesh fabric. You can opt for silver, grey, or any color you want your reflective piping in.

However, the material and color used for reflective Piping are customizable. If you want to make changes you can contact us through our email, number, or send us a letter. The old-fashioned way.

What is the Technology behind YGM Reflective Piping?

YGM Reflective Piping uses the principle of retroreflection. Retroreflection differs from ordinary reflection because it reflects rays of lights in a single direction. Sending out a focused image directly back to the original light source and anything in its direct path.

This means that a viewer who is not in the direct path of the reflected light will not see the glowing reflective piping.

YGM uses tens of thousands of small tiny glass beads that make up the retro-reflective piping. These microbeads are half coated with aluminum to improve the reflective coefficient significantly.

Structure of Reflective Piping

YGM proudly employs 15 engineers that work closely on research and development. Our cutting-edge research and development center situated in Taizhou is pioneering the manufacture of the most innovative and creative reflective tape, fabric, and piping.

Is YGM Reflective Piping available in Different Colors?

Yes, YGM offers reflective piping in various colors. We offer the classic silver and grey piping in addition to other popular colors such as green, orange, and yellow.

Hit us with your queries regarding color requirements we will get back to you.

Can we customize our Order?

Yes, you can customize your order easily. Send us the details and we will try to meet your criteria as much as we can.

Is YGM Reflective Piping Water/fireproof?

YGM reflective piping is waterproof but not fireproof. We suggest that you keep away from high-heat objects just as a precautionary measure.

Never try experimenting yourself and refrain from getting too close to anything burning or emitting heat.

How does Reflective Piping Work?

As mentioned above reflective piping makes use of the retro-reflective technology in which the reflective material only reflects light in a single direction. Thereby making the person visible to anyone in his line of vision.

It does not disperse light like normal objects because the microbeads reflect light as a focused beam. That is why your jacket, vest, or pants will appear glowing to a person in your line of sight. To any other person out of your line, your clothing will appear normal and not glowing.

Principle of Reflective Piping

Uses of YGM Reflective Piping?

YGM Reflective Piping has various applications. It can be used in fire suits, safety clothing, and the apparel industry in which t-shirts, pants, bags, and caps make use of reflective piping for fashion and safety purposes.

Is YGM a trustworthy Company?

YGM has been proudly manufacturing and supplying everything reflective for 16 years. Our products undergo rigorous tests to meet international standards.

Our motto is to ‘make you bright wherever you go’. At YGM customers’ protection and satisfaction is our topmost priority. Our company has bagged various international certification that instills confidence and trust in our buyers.

To view our credentials head over to our website and satisfy yourself!

Manufacturer of Reflective Piping

Do we provide samples to potential buyers?

Yes, YGM offers samples to potential buyers depending on their needs and requirements. Just email us with your list and we will try our level best to satisfy you.

How to contact YGM?

You can easily head over to our website and get out contact information from there. Our number, email, and address are all readily available to customers!

Our support team is available 24/7. Just write down your questions and queries in the text box and submit your message. We will reply in a short matter of time.

All you need is to send us an email, text, or simply visit our company to get a hands-on experience.

What is the cost of your order?

The cost of your order varies depending upon the amount ordered. Head over to our message box and submit your details to get instant quotes. Or simply call our center.

What is the delivery Process for samples?

We try our very best to ensure that your delivery of samples reaches you as soon as possible. If you have asked for commonly available products the general delivery window is of four to five working days.

Whereas, for a customized product the delivery window is about five to seven days. Rest assured your samples will reach their destinations as soon as possible. YGM isn’t renowned simply for its innovative reflective products!

What are the additional services provided by YGM?

In addition to offering reflective piping YGM offers and deals in everything reflective. The company ventured into the reflective world in 2005 and has never looked back since.

YGM is a proud manufacturer and producer of high-quality reflective fabric, reflective tape, reflective heat transfer vinyl, and safety clothing that includes safety vests, a hi-vis jacket, reflective raincoats, and reflective safety pants.

In addition to that YGM also offers reflective sheeting and decorative heat transfer vinyl. That can be used in traffic signs or clothes.

Producer of Reflective Piping

What are the different packaging options?

YGM offers different packaging options depending on your requirements. If you want a well-protected package just message us. Your package will reach you tight and secure.


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