YGM Reflective Derivatives Workshop:Make Your Idea Come True

Reflective derivatives workshop adheres to the principle of interworking of categories, and the design and application of products are diversified.The main products produced in this workshop are as follows:

Reflective engraving / pattern reflective heat transfer vinyl

Currently, YGM is equipped with 16 laser machines, which are the world’s leading laser automatic super marking machines that can be designed by themselves. Among them, 1 set is suitable for 1m large pattern, whole door width laser marking or engraving    pattern, 12 sets are used for 50cm laser marking, and the remaining 3 sets are used for products ≤50cm.

Reflective engraving orpattern reflective heat transfer vinyl

Iron on Reflective Ribbon Tape

The automatic intelligent ironing machine is an efficient production machine of iron on reflective ribbon. It comes with a high capacity of 200,000 meters per day, capable of producing high-quality products with a beautiful surface, flat without rolled edges. The pre-shrinkage treatment of webbing, pressing and shaping by the ironing machine ensures that each product is accurately fabricated to perfection. Moreover, it allows for fast mold change and is suitable for all kinds of sizes; ideal for personalized orders. Its material adaptability allows for wide application such as elastic tape, webbing, cloth tape and each pattern of reflective HTV hot pressing. In short, this machine provides convenience and flexibility in producing high-quality customized reflective ribbons efficiently and quickly.

Iron on Reflective Ribbon Tape

Reflective Piping

The reflective piping equipment can come in a variety of different types and sizes. There are 25 automatic flat seam edging machines for chemical fiber reflective cloth. In addition, there are 8 chain edge wrapping machines available for T/C and industrial reflective cloth. In addition, custom sizes can be provided to meet specific needs; Some stock sizes include 1.3*2.0*2.0 cm and various other sizes. The cotton core used also comes in two colors: gray and white. These specialized machines allow complex detail treatment on reflective materials, as well as even surface treatment, ensuring high quality results every time.

Application of Reflective Piping

Printed Reflective Tape for clothing

In addition to our traditional printing tape, we also offer reflective printing tape. Our reflective tape is available in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can customize it to perfectly match your branding or project needs. The reflectivity of the tape ensures that it stands out from the crowd, making sure your message or logo is seen even in low light or dark conditions. On top of that, it’s highly durable and resistant to weathering, meaning it’ll stay visible for years to come.

Printed Reflective Tape for clothing

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