Building YGM Digital Factory: A Revolutionary Step towards Manufacturing Efficiency and Excellence

In today’s rapidly changing economic environment, manufacturing enterprises need to be agile, efficient, and adaptable to ensure their sustained success. The emergence of digitalization, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data analytics has provided manufacturers with a new perspective on how to optimize their production methods and improve overall organizational performance. YGM, a leading reflective material manufacturer, has embarked on a journey to build a digital factory that integrates cutting-edge technology and management techniques, bringing revolutionary changes to the manufacturing industry.

The YGM digital factory is a comprehensive solution that focuses on creating interconnected and intelligent systems that span across the entire supply chain and production chain. It comprises a suite of software and hardware tools that have been designed to streamline the various workflows and processes involved in the manufacturing of reflective materials, from procurement to sales and production, quality assurance, logistics, and maintenance, etc.

Blueprint Planning of YGM Digital Factory

One of the key components of the YGM digital factory is the manufacturing execution system (MES) software, which provides a unified platform for managing and coordinating various aspects of production, including planning, scheduling, inventory management, quality control, and task execution, etc. With this system in place, YGM can ensure seamless collaboration and timely communication across different departments, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced waste, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

MES of YGM Digital Factory

As a R&D management and project management system, PLM software plays an indispensable role in YGM’s digital factory. This will facilitate the efficient management of all processes and procedures involved in the production of reflective materials, from research and development to equipment transformation and information promotion, etc.

In line with its commitment to automation and innovation, YGM has also invested in cutting-edge hardware and devices to support its digital factory. For instance, the slitting workshop has implemented an intelligent sorting reflective fabric double-speed chain that improves sorting accuracy, efficiency, and safety. Similarly, AGV trolleys will be deployed in the reflective sheeting/fabric workshop, minimizing manual handling and increasing productivity. In addition, the amount of glue and microbeads used in the reflective fabric workshop has realized automatic material picking according to the roll through the PLC system.

AGV of YGM Digital Factory

The YGM digital factory will also utilize modern network hardware construction plans. This will entail the building of a high-performance, secure, and parallel service computer room. The room will house six servers that support eight system services and have the added benefits of large storage capacity, automatic data backup, strong fusion performance, automatic relay after power failure, constant temperature and humidity, among others. With intelligent Layer 3 switches under the core switch, regions can prevent loops, isolate viruses, and guarantee the stability of the server group network.

As part of maintaining a professional working environment, a smartphone storage cabinet will be installed at the entrance of the workshop to store mobile phones. And enter the face recognition system, each access time, cabinet number, name, and other information will be recorded to monitor the access situation of the mobile phone cabinet in real-time. The on-site management personnel of the workshop will check the mobile phone access records every day to ensure the safety of mobile phone storage.

smartphone storage cabinet of YGM Digital Factory

The command center information system will enable YGM to monitor the production status of each workshop in real-time, including oven temperature, equipment operation, quality qualification, glue/bead weight, work order processing progress, and storage age, etc. This system will streamline data analysis, ensuring that the person in charge of each workshop can view the information and abnormal information belonging to their jurisdiction on their computer, enabling timely and responsive reaction to any issues that arise.

In conclusion, YGM’s digital factory is a game-changer that is transforming traditional manufacturing processes, reducing operational costs, improving efficiency, and enhancing the quality of the products. With its advanced technologies, well-managed processes, and highly skilled workforce, YGM is setting new standards in the manufacturing industry and blazing a trail towards a more sustainable and productive future.

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